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  1. so i forgot to test it with the usb and the fan plugged in and guess what.... it rebooted. And to make sure i did it again and it happened again. I replaced the mobo for nothing. Ill be returning it. Ill try a different usb plug. This was an old usb cord i gave her recently too after the one she was using started to rip. Ill try another 1 or 2 plugs and see if its just that one.
  2. Ive been letting it go to sleep over and over for hours now today and now its not doing it. Hmmmmm
  3. Its not. And like i said it does the same thing on a new board. Should i try a new ssd?
  4. no. Its a new battery. I replaced it last year. Its restarting when it sleeps.
  5. actually yes... its my fiances and she usually has a small hand fan plugged into it. But i think it did it without it... ill test further. How could that be tho? Its just a mini usb cord for power to the fan
  6. I have a Macbook pro 15 inch late 2013 been using it with no problems for years, but lately it started rebooting after it goes into sleep mode. I followed a guide and tried resetting SMC/PRAM, turning off "put hard disk to sleep", re-seating the battery, reinstalling MacOS, and turning off hibernate mode with the terminal. It was still doing it after all that so i finally decided to replace the logic board. It came in today and i installed it and it seemed fine for an hour or two then it just restarted again after it went to sleep ..... I am not sure what to do next. The only other thing i can think of is the storage drive or an issue with Catalina possibly... Anyone else know about this issue and what to try next? edit: i didnt do all those at once i tried each thing individually to see exactly what might be the cause of the problem
  7. Get yourself a used ps4. Some amazing exclusives. Horizon Zero Dawn, Last of Us, Uncharted.... all worth it!