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  1. So i'm running a8.3870k + GT 730 with SAMSUNG MZ7LN256HCHP-000L7 SSD + x2 WD HDD's. All storages are running at sata 2. Basicaly, I have decent workloads for this rig. Some old titiles, even launched Ori and the Blind Forest at stable 70fps on it. So I want to have decent gaming expirience, but i'm not into full AAA titles. I'd like to play decent games under 2016-ish year. Probably try out some new ones for me. Rn I'm considering upgrading to Anthlon 3000g with ddr4 support. Chip has 2c/4t, overall better performanse than my cpu and actually seems pretty decent upgrade for me. It's like... x2 times faster, according to CPU-Z comparsion chart. I'm solid about this configuration, please don't try to change my mind and ask to run Ryzen or whatever. This will only derail topic. I'm considering to use GA-A320M-H and x2 DDR4-2400 4GB PC4-19200 AVIS to support this build. It also would boost up my storages, since i'm running with sata 2 here. Rn i'm using 12gb of ddr3 ram, but as far as I'm using this, no workloads actually implied any meaningfull use from it. Like, 2010-is game can grab, what, 5 gb? Chrome, 10 tabs, 6 gb? I'm not that hungry for pages tho. Strong argument for me was launching Witcher 2 EE with this configuration. It struggled. To say the least, my old pentium 2c laptop with 512mb vram and HD6560 (iirc) from 2009 performed way better at low specs than I expected. I'm not aiming to play AAA titles anysoon, just want to cath up with old ones and so on. So, is this even worth a shot?
  2. Meh, I set up filter to show 4 pin CPU and 4 sata PSU's and it came up with none of your tier. Either that, or I would screw in +n sata power connectors manualy, if PS unit don't have at least 3 satas. Particularly here warranty is waste of time and money in case I'm not using M.2 drive or SSD+HDD build. Generaly, budged tier you have there is mid-end for me in terms of money. Found LogicPower's PSU. Is this anyhow decent to you? If I get screwed PSU, i'm going to use soldering iron and blueprints for that thing just to fix it with spare parts and replace capacitors or whatever. In case you might know about it, any clue why voltage spread around mobo in such a weird pattern? Is it common?
  3. Back here. Checked my local market for those as well, prices ain't that good. Assuming I would need to regear whole rig for ddr4 and 500W PSU as well, I found some quite decent solution to buy CPU on Ali for 33 bux (w/ shipment) and get mobo for another 50 bux as well. Lower than 100 bux, but I need to wait for delievery. Yeah, I know asus mobo isn't that cool, but meh. Ain't gotta mine crypto on it. Plus, gotta order 500W PSU (23$) later on, since I suspect my native can get rly nasty even if TDP of FX would be lover than my A8 can chew. Plus 4 fans to support and dancing voltage on 12v line drives me crazy. Still no clue if it even matters. I wanted to ask here about FX in case I missed anything. In advance I'll say that I'm going to jump onto AM4 socket later on. Cheap, yeah.
  4. Just checked local retail market. 107 to 110 for am3 Mobo and fx chip vs 200 to 230 for Zen build.
  5. Am3+? Huh, I thought they backwards compatible. Thnx man. Any adv on chipset?
  6. Hola, boiz. I'm about to switch from fm1 a8-3870 CPU to fx-6300 cpu am3 mobo. Yet benchmarks tell they kinda same. Also xor may not even be great advantage over usual a8 performance. Seems legit update imo. Just wanna get decent home pc to launch rimworld from time to time and do web research. CPU and mobo are only things I'm going to swap, got 400w PSU, some old gfx (rad HD 6500) to change later on. Gotta grab dual ddr3 for new build. Any am3 socket issues? Any advice on mobo? Does fx have any speed advantage over a8?