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  1. Dang I was hoping because it wasn't filliment based but UV resin the layering wouldn't be an issue because it was only the tubes I was printing I've bought the fittings so I wasn't going to need to print those but the same issues would probably carry over to anything really the tolerances were so minute but I guess it makes sense here's hoping it eventually does become possible soon it would be pretty sick.
  2. So I have a photon sla resin 3d printer and I was wondering if it was safe to 3d print the tubing for it as I have some designs I thought would be pretty hard if not impossible to do with petg tubing and a heat gun the only reason I haven't already started is because I'm worried due to SLA being resin based if it would be likely to leech a chemical or plasticiser into the loop gumming it up or would it be very likely to degrade quickly and leak due to having water run through it I apologise if this is a stupid query I just thought it might be cool if you could.