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  1. Hi Guys, I have ordered Rtx 2070 Super OC Graphics card through amazon. In requirements section they have mentioned PCI express compatible motherboard with one daul width x16 graphics cards. So this bothers me that whether my RTX 2070 super GPU will support in this motherboard. Guys help me with this problem as I have ordered the gpu last saturday it will be delivered in two days. I hope this gpu suits the motherboard. Here is the link of asus motherboard------- PRIME H310M-E R2 .https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/PRIME-H310M-E-R2-0/0 thanks by, Dupi
  2. Hi, While looking into apple website for mojave os they have mentioned it is free to download. My perception is that whether i can download "Mojave" as image file and installing it in windows 10 through VM is it possible. Since the OS price is free of cost mentioned in Apple website but it is only possible to download and update through apple devices only. If i can download it other than apple devices tell me the way to download Mojave. Thanks Dupi
  3. Thanks Ryodu... anyways i will be playing in 1080p but my question is related to performance of rtx 2070 super when paired with i5-8400 while gaming...Will i face any performance downgrade with i5-8400 processor when i install rtx 2070 super instead of rtx 2060 super.... Thanks, Dupi
  4. Monitor resolution Full HD
  5. Hello Guys, Currently I'm working in Bangalore. Sort of playing games usually after my working hours. So I'm going to upgrade my graphics card from GT 740 4gb to RTX Super 2060 or Super 2070. My PC Config: Intel i5-8400 Motherboard - Asus Prime H310m-e R2.0 16 GB RAM Antec 650 W 80+Gold smps Monitor - 27" VA Panel 144 Hz and 1 ms SSD - 500 GB My doubt is that when i upgrade to RTX Super 2070 whether I can utilise full performance from graphics card or it will be moderate based on the processor i have? or Else getting RTX super 2060 will be efficiently to utilize full performance for gaming. For upgrading do I need consider any other major constrains for RTX Super 2070 graphics card. Actually i was manipulated by some retailers that i will only getting moderate performance for RTX super 2070 along side with my intel i5-8400. So guys please help me with this. Need your support.