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  1. StormIvI

    MSI RTX 2070 armor oc

    Yes card is in highest slot
  2. StormIvI

    MSI RTX 2070 armor oc

    I try all I think now its bios fault
  3. StormIvI

    MSI RTX 2070 armor oc

    Hello Guys I need your help I have mobo msi x370 sli plus bios 7A33v3JM(Beta version) for my Ryzen 7 3700x I today installed new cpu ryzen 7 3700x and updated all drivers. and I checked gpuz,aida64,hwinfo64 my videocard using x8 pcie lane speed not 16x Week ago when updated bios I had same problem with my old cpu ryzen 5 2600x I just reseated card and got 16x but now problem. Help me.
  4. Hello guys. I need some help. I have MSI x370 sli plus motherboard with updated beta version of bios. CPU Ryzen 5 2600x Ram 16gb DDR4 corsair vengeance 3200mhz. I purchased Ryzen 7 3700x Do I have performance issue with new cpu or something else or it will be a good. Thank you.