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  1. Absolutely a freakk

    GTA 5 Stuttering

    I havea hdd and will a i7 3 gen fix this problem i will swap it with my i5 2400 if it will fix this issue cuz i also think that the processor is pretty low but i need confirmation or at least hope that i will be fixed
  2. Absolutely a freakk

    GTA 5 Stuttering

    Thing is i even at the lowest settings like all the way down i still notice a sttuter or 2
  3. Absolutely a freakk

    GTA 5 Stuttering

    I have a stock hp 8200 elite mother board intel i5 2400 3.1 Ghz GTX 660 and 8 gb ddr 3 ram Gta 5 stutters can anybody plz tell me best graphic settings for gta 5 and do i have to make any changes to my os (windows 10) power option is on high performance