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  1. Bought a new mobo and it works flawlessly now.
  2. If the pins were bent, then wouldn't the GPUs just not work?
  3. The CPU doesn't haven't pins. It's zero force insertion. So there aren't any pins to check. Unless you mean the GPUs then yes they're fine.
  4. Does not say that the M.2 shares lanes. I have to assume the pins are working because both cards come up in device manager and nvidia control panel. https://www.asrock.com/MB/Intel/Fatal1ty Z170 Gaming K6/index.asp
  5. That's just it, it doesn't matter which card is on top, it's always at 0%, and doesn't output a display. It's always the bottom one that outputs something. I've restarted several times swapping things around. I've tried the MSI bridge and the ASRock bridge that came with the mobo. Nothing. I do use a m.2. What would reseating the CPU do? I'd rather not do that because I don't have thermal paste nearby.
  6. I've tried every slot combination, and it doesn't have an issue seeing the cards. In device manager or Nvidia control panel. I looked in the bios, there isn't that much detail about the slots but it says the red ones are x16 and the black x1. I downloaded gpuz and it even see's both cards and says SLI disabled.
  7. The mobo is SLI capadible (or at least...it advertises it on the board). It is the Asrock z170 Fatal1ty. How would I check if one card is forcing the other one down to a x4?
  8. I'm trying to do GTX 1080 sli, and so I have two cards, and 2 bridges (more on that) but I cant get the sli option to show up (see pictures). I have confirmed both cards working individually in any slot, but interestingly enough, when together, only the bottom card is active regardless if the bridge is on the cards or not (display will not show when plugged into the top card, only the bottom, does not matter the order of the card). I thought maybe this MSI bridge is broke, so I bought another sli ribbon. Still no option for sli. I've confirmed the bios sees them both. I've reinstalled drivers, Googled the crap out of this issue but I'm not having luck. Does anyone have ideas? Specs: 2x EVGA GTX 1080 ftw Mobo: Asrock Z170 Ram: 32 gig ddr4 Sli bridge: MSI hard bridge and x1 asrock ribbon that came with the mobo. Windows 10 Home edition.
  9. So after some research and phone calls, I was told to email web-help@cisco.com, which I did and after a few days of emailing each other back and forth, They did something on there end to fix my login issue. They said they synced me to "DSX". Whatever that is, it worked.
  10. I recertified my CCNA and I'm trying to login to literally any of Cisco's links and this is what happens. Click login > redirects to login page > username auto populates and before I can click anything I get auto redirected > error message "Forbidden, please contact your system administrator". I can't ask this on any Cisco forums because of this auto redirect error. I've tried IE,FF, and Chrome, and it seems as soon as I type my username, and click login, it will forever just auto redirect to the forbidden page. Ideas?