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  1. So I should just turn off the PC and leave the PSU on 24/7?
  2. So I recently got a new power supply, Corsair RMx 850x to be exact, and it was fine. Yesterday however we had an obrupt power outage and I noticed a slight spark sound when I got to turn the power switch at the back off with a very light smell of burning (i always turn the PSU off after I turn the PC off because the slight light of the GPU irritates me). The PSU seems to work as normal but I’m still unsure what that sound is. To clarify, it only happens when I flip the switch from ON to OFF after turning my PC off first. Should I be worried?
  3. Yea GeForce Game Ready Driver Version: 451.67
  4. After the newest patch I started getting only 80-90 fps compared to my 130-ish before. OK, no big deal I thought. Just another f'd patch. So I set my texture details form high to low, seeing what that would give me. Not only did it not increase my FPS, it lowered to 75-85. Why? How? GPU is 1070 TI and CPU is i7-9700K PS: It's not a CPU issue since I only have around 80 % usage and my gpu skyrockets to 100% all the time. I'm kinda out of ideas here. Anything?
  5. Recently I bought my new processor i7-9700K and tried to overclock it to 5 GHz. I kept increasing the Voltage reaching up to 1.35 V. I thought that 1.35 V would be enough and not too much for the temps to reach too high. However, I soon noticed that it was stuck at 4.6 GHz even under load, never changing. I use CPUID to check the clock speed. I tried to increase the Voltage again, but it never changed. I'm still new to this but my only idea is that only one core is boosting to 5 GHz, but then again I looked at some tutorials and they all showed 5 GHz overall in CPUID. Is there something I'm not seeing? Thanks
  6. So I recently got a good paying job and decided to upgrade my rig from a i7-7700 and a gtx 1070 TI to an i7-9700K, keeping my old GPU. I only upgraded my cpu, since everytime I loaded task manager, it confirmed that my cpu was at a 100% almost all the time under load and my gpu at only around 40%. I also decided to upgrade my monitor from a 1920x1080p 144Hz to a 2560x1440p 144Hz. With my gtx 1070 Ti overclock (+150 core clock and +500 memory clock) combined with my i7-9700k overclock (4.6 GHz) I though that I would not have to upgrade my GPU yet. However, running task manager and MSI Afterburner shows that my poor gtx is having a hard time running new games at 2560x1440p. The games were running at low fps with sometimes extremely noticeable and annoying stutter. What gpu, if needed, should I upgrade to?
  7. And I am streaming currently on very low graphics but the CPU still gets 100% usage. Is it worth to upgrade and to what CPU should I upgrade to be worth
  8. isn't the x264 encoding using mainly the CPU to encode and the NVENC the GPU? Pretty sure changing to the x264 would torture the CPU more
  9. I'm attemping 5k bitrate with the new NVENC encoder. Yea i've been meaning to ask how to offload the gaming weight onto the gpu since I think it can handle most of the work itself
  10. So I enjoy my fair share of Rainbow Six Siege and my computer can handle it quite well, however I feel like my CPU kind of bottlenecks me from getting my full potential. My PC specs: 1070 Ti, i7-7700 3.60GHz, 16 GB RAM, 1 TB Kingston SSD and 250 GB Kingston SSD. When I game and try to stream at the same time, my CPU just gives up and the stream lags every second or drops to like 15 FPS. My task manager shows that my CPU usage is 100% when i game and stream. Is it worth to upgrade my rig or do I just settle down with low graphics in game (which has been shown to help the CPU usage). What do you guys think?
  11. Could be the software but It still counts in task manager so there should sitll be 60% left of everything
  12. Ok so I have a really annoying issue with lag. My computer is pretty good, running a i7-7700, GTX 1070 Ti, Dual DDR4 16 GB RAM, STRIX B250G gaming motherboard, one 250 GB HDD and 1 TB SSD. Even through all this I still get pretty annoying lags and slows. When I start up the computer everything is fast and fine but when I play for an hour or so it starts to get laggy. Alt tab gets slow and micro lags happen pretty much every 20 seconds (example League of legends drops from 140 to 100 FPS for a split second and creates an annoying stutter). All of this still happens when I task manager the hell out of everything and only have my game and discord running. My CPU and RAM usage stays even under heavy gaming loads under 40% and GPU around 30%. Help?