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  1. tedfs3

    NAS or Not

    Thank you everyone for the suggestions. I ordered a network switch and some cables to try out and see if that fixes the not enough ports problem. I'll just use the dock and drive on order until I can find a two bay NAS to decide on.
  2. tedfs3

    NAS or Not

    What I would like is a NAS that I can connect to a single PC via USB 3 instead of using the network. Just not sure if there is such a beast yet. I'll keep looking.
  3. Complete onsite storage noob here. Online backup of files was easy to setup but I started researching external backup ideas to have onsite at home. Backup redundancy never hurts. I'm looking for something for personal use at home. Backing up True Image SSD backups, personal files, photos, documents etc. Started researching NAS solutions and quickly found out that my cable company's router only has two jacks and both of those are in use for my PC and FireTV. I like the idea of NAS as some of the enclosures seem better built and support drives over 8TB, which none of the HDD enclosures I saw did support. Is there a two bay NAS that also supports just using USB 3 to transfer files to the drives ? I'll have to talk to the cable company about a different router if the answer is no. But we all know that costs money in the end that could be better used for different hardware to accomplish what is needed. So many options when searching that it's overwhelming. My decision right now was to purchase one, 8TB Seagate Ironwolf Pro and an enclosed aluminum, two bay docking station to test out. I can always use the HDD for a NAS build if there is anything out there that can do what I need over USB 3, without the need for network connection.