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  1. hi my budget is 1000-1500$ i want parts that will be available in Saudi Arabia appreciate your guidance thanks
  2. Dear All, I am contacting you all in hopes of some support in building a budget setup for my little brother. My little brother is an armature mid-career designer who self taught himself: Cinema 4D Adobe Illustrator / Photoshop Houdini Fx Adobe Aftereffects Autodesk Maya / 3Ds Max basic macroing... etc,,, He wants a PC setup that will allow him to further develop his skills and build his career in graphics designing and marketing... I request that you please send me of a configuration that will support above programs and not be too expensive. He wants performance... I would appreciate if the products you suggest are easily available in Saudi Arabia. I also want the PC to be easily serviceable or if needed upgradable.. If you guys can advise me on the build I would be very grateful. Hope you guys can support and guide here... Look forward to your kind response.