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  1. Hey guys DVI doesn't work fine I know that mobo is not best but the reason, why I combined, is that mobo comes with AIO liquid cooler in sale for 99€.. pretty good deal but the problem is dvi-d didn't work usable.. I mean signal after few secs goes black flick and for few sec does "old tv no signal" you know what I mean.. Using 5 different DVI-D to VGA adapters and no one working.. my teacher lends me a WORKING adapter but with my pc don't work.. omg I spend over 20€ for adapters Problem on the video down below ltt forum dvi.mov ltt forum dvi.mov ltt forum dvi.mov ltt forum dvi.mov ltt forum dvi.mov ltt forum dvi.mov CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 2200GGPU: VEGA 8RAM: HYPERX PREDATOR 3200MHz 2x4 GBMOBO: ASUS TUF x470-PLUS GAMINGPSU: EVGA 500BQCASE: Cooler Master MasterBox Lite 5 RGBHDD: Western Digital Blue 1TBCPU COOLER: Wraith StealthOS: Windows 10 PRO NEWEST UPDATES ARE INSTALLED!!! So please help