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  1. aden34

    Stuttering frames?

    So I found out that once I go fullscreen with my game, I get the performance back. Only thing is that i like windowed borderless, and it had been working no problem with it in this mode. Could it mean something is going on with windows that is causing the issue? Is there anyway to find out?
  2. aden34

    Stuttering frames?

    I have an intel i7-9700k, 16gb of corsair vengeance, and a gtx 1080 graphics card. Everything was working just fine a few days ago, but not my pc seems to have a heavy staggering effect on everything, not just games which makes the games unplayable. Weird thing is when I display the fps counter, im getting super high frames and they are steady so i know those are not dropping. I have reinstalled the nvidia drivers but still having issues. Something else that might help is that recently when this started, on start up of my pc I am still at the motherboard logo loading while I hear windows boot in the background. I have tried resetting my bios settings as well but this still isn't helping. There has been like 1 time where restarting my pc fixed it for a short period of time, but I haven;t been able to get that to work since.
  3. aden34

    Asus Hyper M.2 x16 V2 help?

    Question since it seems that you have your hyper m.2 set up. Asus support has been 0 help and i found a few things that allowed me to put these 3 1tb ssds in raid, but i am not getting the performance difference. I noticed from others that they are getting read speeds up to 10gb/s and write around 9gb/s. I was able to get mine all set up but not the proper way which is why im guessing this performance is only giving me 3.5gb/s and 3.1gb/s. I was able to have my drives be discovered in raid by using 2 of them in the motherboards m.2 slots and 1 in the pcie_3 slot with they hyper m.2 card. Because if this, could this be the reason I am not getting even close to those speeds? Appreciate the info.
  4. aden34

    Asus Hyper M.2 x16 V2 help?

    Just got off chat again with asus support, and apparently with my motherboard does support bifurcation, but they have to activate it themselves and they need a reason for it. So after waiting 24 hours to get an email to basically put my specs down and recap what I talked to support about yesterday, I now have to wait another 24-48hours to here back on a solution (hopefully)
  5. aden34

    Asus Hyper M.2 x16 V2 help?

    this link from asus support seems shows that the motherboard does support the hyper m.2 https://www.asus.com/support/FAQ/1037507/ also the support chat didn't mention about any compatibility issues when i gave him my model numbers
  6. I just purchased this for use of taking 3 of my nvme drives to put in raid 0. My set up is Asus Maximus Hero XI, 9700k, gtx1080, 2x SN750 nvme drives, and 960 EVO Pro nvme drive. I just got off support with asus, but i dont believe the person i was talking too understood. When I go into create a new raid volume, the nvme drives will not show up. I was trying to follow his instructions but it seemed like he was giving me information on the ix motherboard since i dont have any of the settings he was describing. I'm in real need of help here since they said they wont get back to me for 48 hours.