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  1. yeah im getting 200 + fps but the games still feel laggy and i think maybe it might be because of that because i tried everything else and cant fix whatever is causing my games to perform bad despite having high fps
  2. yeah i feel kinda scamed not gonna lie , oh well every mistake is a lesson in life im just gonna take the pc to some shop , they might figure out whats wrong with this pc , thanks for trying to help tho im apreciated
  3. Hello everyone , i have been having very low gpu usage when gaming even with everything maxed out it never goes above 40 % and only for like 2 secs , and my CPU is working harder mostly only 1 core is making all the work ill post screenshots of when i was playing csgo with everything maxed out also i set everything to default on nvidia to see if it would push the gpu more but it didnt same as if i was playing with everything on low and i see people with the same setup benchmarking on youtube and they have like 60 % on all cores and gpu is like min 60 % up to 80 % https://imgur.com/a/oCaqMJKMy setup :CPU: i7 8700 k at 4.5 ghzGPU: GTX 1080 ARMOR 8gbMB: ASUS PrimeZ 370 pRAM: 2 x 8 gb Ripjaws at 2400 mhzPSU: 630 w berlin 80 +DISPLAY : MSI Optix Mag27c
  4. yeah ive asked on all forums i know about pc stuff and no one knows why this is happening , i never experienced something like this , i wish i didnt buy this pc 2000 euros straight to the trash , bought it from ibuypower in germany already sent them an email they dont even care to reply back , also tried the US ibuypower and they say its not theyr problem , but meanwhile in germany they are making ibuypower's brand look really bad , lesson learned next time ill build my own pc as i allways made , just dont have the time as i used to now feelsbadman
  5. yeah you cant see it on video because of the 60 fps , i have tried reinstalling updated driver rolled back a couple of versions still the same , if fps is caped at the monitor's refresh rate i get lines across the screen like screen tearing but really extreme and if i go 200 + fps the lines go away but the image itselft feels laggy as if i were playing on a 60 hz display , its very weird i think it shouldnt happen if the fps is at the same refresh rate of the display
  6. Hello everyone , so all the games i play they dont feel like 144 hz and not smooth at all it feels like its 60 hz or 75 hz all settings are fine bot windows and nvidia cp it gets worse if i play at 144 fps it gets unplayable i get a blury horizontal line across the screen , i recorded a clip where you can see a bit the issue im getting in csgo https://youtu.be/fAyztjHL4K0 you cant see it very well in the video its at the end whenever i move my mouse arround it lags like crazy i dont use vsync because of the input lag , gsync makes no diference even if i turn vsync on its still the same i dont know what else to do , i dont even feel like playing because i cant perform well when gaming
  7. oh ok I see now thank you very much for taking some time to help me 5*
  8. Thanks for replying my MB is a asus prime z370p and my case is a ibuypower element
  9. Hello everyone today i noticed a button on the back of my machine i never noticed it untill now and i want to know what this button does is it for reseting cmos ? I will link photos from the button https://imgur.com/a/mswCEHy
  10. yeah i think thats it unfortunately didnt make any diference
  11. in nvidia CP the only thing i can see is the Physx i can choose between CPU or GPU I know that some people have an option in nvidia cp on the program settings tab where you choose between integrated graphics or GPU but it does not show for me
  12. im trying to look for it but im pretty sure thats what i changed earlier on the bios it was on auto and i set it at PCie graphics for the primary display
  13. i will try to look for that and see if i find something in the BIOS
  14. How can i identify that? i changed a option on my bios earlier it was something about iGPU i just set the PCIe at primary display is that it?
  15. Thanks for replying currently im playing CSGO but it happens in all games , it just feels really bad playing games on this pc its like as if you were playing a game on 60 hz but with 300 fps and it looks choppy/laggy , my temps are fine for both GPU/CPU cpu spikes up to 64 C's sometimes, GPU doesnt even reach 50 C's , i reseted everything to default in the bios but still the same , ive noticed that my GPU underload only uses 50% TDP and the perfcap reason is Vrel might that be the problem? i dont know ive ran out of ideas because it is so strange why this is happening i never had such bad performance even back in 2014 with lower end pc's