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  1. Scanline Sync is INSANE if you have a GPU powerful enough to render at your monitor's refresh rate, personally i find -70 to make the tear line invisible and have smooth AF gameplay. How it works exactly? And why the hell no game adapts this technique? I have considered buying a Freesync or G-sync monitors but then discovered Scanline Sync so it saves my lots of money. also, is there any downside for using this? I notice no input lag like V-Sync and my Graphics card running quieter as well as cooler.
  2. Hi, i own gigabyte windfore oc 2060 and it is loud as f@ck. I want to replace it with MSI Ventus oc 2060 (this is my best option for the price) I Need to know if this card is quieter than the windforce oc at full load My windforce oc 2060 reaches 83c and 95% fan speed. My case cooling is 3 chassy fans This is the card: https://www.newegg.com/global/il-en/msi-geforce-rtx-2060-rtx-2060-ventus-6g-oc/p/N82E16814137380?gclsrc=aw.ds&nm_mc=KNC-GoogleKWLess&cm_mmc=KNC-GoogleKWLess-_-DSA-_-CategoryPages-_-NA&gclid=CjwKCAjw-ITqBRB7EiwAZ1c5U3qAhf2C2P6N8ngRrHjGMbGcRnzQ8ictA8Zg2bpHuvx705PbV_WaQBoCk20QAvD_BwE
  3. this MOBO https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/Z390-M-rev-10#kf all i can find in terms of reviews is for the GAMING edition of this board I want to buy it for my new gaming rig cause its the cheapest z390 board i can find in my country Ill use i5 9400f + HyperX Fury 2X8GB DDR4 2933MHz + RTX 2060 is it good?
  4. This is the best answer I got. Thank you. For your question, I live in Israel and the prices here are crazy high. basically, add 50%(Literally) to every component you find on newegg, and you have Israel prices. some components can reach prices higher then 50% of international cost. Also , take in mind not all of the parts on your list are available here for me. If you want to calculate my price: (newegg/amazon$)*1.5*3.55=NIS (new Israeli shekel) My budget is 5000 NIS. So I understand that I would have issues with the ram I've pick so I chose the 2X8 2933Mhz version of the RAM I chose before and changed my MOBO to: Gigabyte Z390M (rev. 1.0) Micro-ATXGigabyte Z390M (rev. 1.0) Micro-ATX (This is the best choice for the price and its the cheapest that support my 2933Mhz ram sticks on the store) You said that the i5 9400f would work fine with the stock cooler so I've dropped the Freezer 11 , though I heard its a bit noisy. I took your advice on the PSU and chose the CX550 for 5$ more , not a huge investment. I have no choice but to stick with the Cooler Master - MB600L with the extra fan , ANYTHING better will cost at least 50$ more. The RTX 2070 is priced 170$ more on the store so no way I'm changing it. The RX 5700 XT is not available here. The P1 is not a saving , Its a a choice over the SanDisk SSD PLUS 480GB SATA III SSD witch I heard is commonly overheating and failing.
  5. TLDR: Review my build. I Want to buy a new gaming PC that will last at least 5 years from now. All I want is FOR TODAY'S RELEASES to run on Ultra , 1080p @ 60fps, not 4K 144fps and all that stuff. I really don't care about RGB and computer case aesthetics. All i care about is: -Games Releasing in 2019 at Ultra , 1080p @ 60fps -System Stability -System Longevity in terms of hardware not failing -System Not Overheating What I don't want\Don't care about: -RGB, As less as possible -Upgrade-ability, don't really care about -Too much heat, (What I don't want) - its really hot in summer where I live. So this is how my list looks like today: -CPU: Intel Core i5-9400F -RAM: HyperX Fury 8GB DDR4 2666MHz HX426C16FB2/8 DIMM (2 Sticks for 16Gb) -Graphics Card :Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2060 WINDFORCE OC 6GB GDDR6 rev2 -Motherboard: Asus PRIME B360M-K Micro ATX -SSD: Crucial P1 CT500P1SSD8 500GB 3D NAND NVMe PCIe M.2 -HDD: Western Digital Blue WD10EZEX 1TB -PSU: Corsair VS550 80+ White 550W (chose this one after posting earlier in this forum of asking what PSU to use) -CPU Fan: Arctic Freezer 11 LP -Case: Cooler Master MasterBox MB600L -Extra fan for case:Arctic BioniX F120 Currently this setup is based on benchmarks and some NewEgg/Amazon/YouTube personal reviews. The cost of all these components is 4832 ILS Witch is 1360$US, parts are really expensive here in Israel! My budget is 5000 ILS (1410$ TOP!!!) Question 1: Is that CPU compatible with the motherboard? Because on the store I buy it from , official 9th gen cpu supporting motherboards cost double and I don't want to pay more. Question 2: Is that SSD compatible with the motherboard? And if it is, can it be set as boot drive for Windows 10? Question 3: Today I use the same model of PSU I listed above in my current PC for 5 years now, are the new ones the same quality or I should look for other company? Its the best price on the store for me. Question 4: Is this Motherboard is good in terms of build quality?... I Am just unsure about it.. I'm scared it will fail like my first PC 12 year ago Question 5: Is there something on the list you think I MUST change? If you think that this will be a good build just say GO FOR IT! again, not looking for crazy high performance, just a PC optimal for today's Releases. Thanks for bothering!
  6. HeavyFerrum

    Need help choosing power supply

    didn't bought anything , what you recommend to to change? all these part fit in my budget of 1350$ edit: Its stupid - expensive in where I live
  7. My FUTURE rig: -Intel Core i5-9400F Coffee lake -HyperX Fury 8GB DDR4 2666MHz HX426C16FB2/8 DIMM (2 Sticks) -Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2060 WINDFORCE OC 6GB GDDR6 rev2 -Asus PRIME B360M-K Micro ATX -Crucial P1 CT500P1SSD8 500GB 3D NAND NVMe PCIe M.2 SSD -Western Digital Blue WD10EZEX 1TB -Arctic Freezer 11 LP -Arctic BioniX F120 -Cooler Master MasterBox MB600L Will 550W be enough for overclocking? The CPU is locked for my understanding so its only for the GPU Thanks.
  8. LG Flatron E2241 If I remember correctly, Iv bought it on 2011 or before ,works like charm
  9. Will HDMI to DVI be safe? I'm not planning to buy a new monitor.