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  1. I did disable it and my keyboard stays lit when I did so, but not the dock. I wonder if it doesn't get enough power or if there's something else
  2. Interesting. Saddly, my monitor doesn't have a usb port. Do you happen to know the name of this motherboard feature that keeps the usb powered on? I have an x570 aorus Elite.
  3. Hey all, I just got a Razer viper and was planning on charging it overnight every couple of days. Than I realized that when I power off/sleep my pc, the dock shuts down, too. Is there a way around this? I disabled ErP but it didn't work. Thanks
  4. Hello good people, A few months ago I built a new pc and passed my old computer to my loved one. She grew quite fond of pc games since then and now she is desperately in need of an upgrade. Parts: AMD FX 8320 asrock 990fx extreme 3 GTX 760 2Gb 1600MHz DDR3 memory She plays at 1080p 75Hz. I already bought a b450 board (ASRock B450M Steel Legend) and an r5 2600 that I'll be getting next Wednesday. My question is: What should I buy next? Video card or memory?PSU??? (She has a 500W PSU thathas been running for the past 6 years. I don't know if these things wear out) PS: The video card budget is at around 200 CAD (150 USD). The new RX 5500 looks like a good candidate, but there's no confirmation on the price yet. rx 570 or 580 are also good candidates. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks
  5. Just to let you guys know, leaving the battery out of the MOBO for much longer actually worked. The computer is working again normally. Please consider other options before telling people they fried their components. It's not helpful at all and as we can see nothing was damaged after all. I was going to buy new parts anyway so at least I can sell these old ones now, but you could induce people to waste money by giving advice like this. I know you all had good intentions, but still... Hope you all have a nice weekend
  6. It was a stupid thing to do, there's no arguing there. I only wanted to reattach the adapter but the cable was stuck. I should have stopped there, turned everything off and continued. Anyway. I bought a new mobo and CPU. I was going to do that by January anyway. I'm still a bit hesitant about plugging the PSU in it, though. Could I have damaged the PSU in a way that it would fry the new MOBO? The PSU still works, at least part of it. The case leds light up and all fans spin (including GPU). If I damaged the cable that powers the CPU, would the usb ports still be working? My only concern now is damaging the new components. Do you guys have any insights on this? If the PSU is indeed faulty for some reason, would fry the new components or simply not work? Thanks for your help
  7. Any way that I can make sure of that? It's not the end of the world, this is an 8 yo pc that I gave to my wife, and we were going to buy a new one anyway. Just wasn't expecting to do it now. I could go out and buy replacements (if it is the mobo that i'd need to buy a CPU too), just don't want to buy the wrong stuff. Maybe I damaged the cable that powers the mobo? Wish I could pinpont the issue
  8. Hey guys, I really need help here. While trying to reconnect the front pannel usb3 to usb 2 adapter (while booted into window, I know it was very stupid) I believe I unplugged the boot drive and everything went black and won't turn on. I'm not super sure if this is the issue, or if I managed to damage the PSU. the cables were kind of stuck and I had to pull on them, but these things are pretty thick.I got the impression that it went off after slightly unplugging the SSD sata cable.I tried unplugging the psu, pulling the ram out and using the CMOS jumper thing (do I just move the pin cap and wait 5 seconds with everything turned off? that's what I did ).Any ideas on what the problem is or how to debug this? All fans are spinning, including GPU, but no usb powered devices are lighting up.
  9. Hi all, There's a problem I run into every time I update my BIOS. I have a 3200MHz CL 16 trident z kit that I tightened the timings after putting the pc together. Later on, when I updated the BIOS, I couldn't get the computer to boot with the same timings it was running already. Hours later I tried again and it worked. Today I updated to the the bios to AGESA B and it's happening again. I change the subtimings, the pc tries to boot a few times and then it resets the BIOS. I read about bad memory, but I don't think that's the case. The memory was running for months with no issue, and, like I said, I had this same problem before and I fixed it somehow. Do you guys have any ideas of what's going on? The board is an Aorus Elite X570
  10. I never got afterburner or CAM to work with those either. The NVIDIA overlay does work, tho, kinda of. I can open the overlay or turn on the fps counter. But Freestyle and photo mode just doesn't work. I'm curious if this is a major issue and people are pushing NVIDIA for better support or if everyone just gave up on UWP games. I know they are garbage. I'd never buy them, but damn, xbox gamepass is actually a fairly decent service. It bothers me that I can't use a feature that I paid for when I bought my GPU. What a shame.
  11. Hello Everyone, I keep getting an error message whenever I try to use Freestyle on a UWP game. I tried Rise of the Tomb Raider, Minecraft and Shadow of War, all downloaded through xbox gamepass. I tested it on borderlands 2 and CS:GO and it worked. Both games were bought on steam. Overwatch also failed, saying the game was not supported (which it is). Is this a known issue, Freestyle not working with UWP games, or is it a problem on my end? I'm playing a lot of games through GamePass right now and really wanted to use this feature. Please share your knowledge with me. Cheers
  12. Lol great replies. That’s all I wanted to hear. I can move on with my life in peace now! thanks guys!
  13. Hello good people, So yesterday I had the pleasure to build a new PC, but it did not come free of stress. After putting everything together, zip tying cables and whatnots, I tried turning it on an nothing. Long story short, I had plugged the power switch thingys on the reset pins. I finally found it after 2 hours of debugging, but not without pulling the whole thing apart trying to find the issue, including pulling the AIO pump out. I was so sure that I would have to replace the cpu that I just put it back in without reapplying paste. I did look at the paste before putting it back, and it was still thinly spread. The computer is working now, ridiculously quiet and I absolutely love it, but I can't shake the feeling that I should have reapplied paste. The cooler is a kraken x62, and I can only assume that the paste that comes pre applied is of good quality, while the only Thermal paste I have is whats left from my old cooler master cooler. Would you open it again to put new paste? I read things about blind spots, but If the cooler is well tightened I believe the paste would spread out again?! I guess, maybe. I just wanted to leave the poor thing in peace, there was a lot of pushing and pulling yesterday already. I'd love to know your thoughts, thanks
  14. Please enlighten us with your results once you get to test them
  15. 3200MHz cl16 is the sweet spot for my wallet, I'll tell you that much! I'm in Canada and the 3200MHz cl14 is $60-$70 more expensive. Not worth the investment then?