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  1. I've been doing some research in the past 2 months about what monitor I should get. I've narrowed down my choices to the two monitors specified in the title. Both of them are TN panels. I'm mainly going to be using it for gaming (right now I'm playing Rust, a fps survival, and also playing Red Dead Redemption 2). For a while I've been wondering if the TN panel is the right choice. IPS panels do look better but the response time is what has me worried. So my question is, considering that the Asus monitors are more expensive than the Acer ones, by quite a margin, is the Acer monitor a good choice? It's on sale for 575 on amazon while the asus is around 850... The only thing I like better about the Asus is the stand and OSD menu. Also, am I making the right choice choosing a TN panel over an IPS?
  2. Alright, thanks. But is the RTX 2070 good or is it bad news?
  3. I'm looking into which graphics card I should buy. At the moment I have an old 2GB Radeon GPU running alongside my Ryzen 2700x 8-cores and the last good upgrade I need is a good new graphics card for my budget. At first I wanted to get a 1070-ti which I learned was discontinued. So I'm looking at the ASUS RoG Strix 2070 series and there is the 8G, A8G and O8G. From what I can understand they have all the same specs and OC capabilities, except that the OC one comes overclocked already. My budget is around 700-800$ CDN and right now the 3 cards are roughly the same price on Newegg CA. I have also read a lot of reviews saying that the GPU is artifacting and basically just dying soon, so I'm worried about that... My question is, what is the difference between those 3 cards and should I get one of them. Do any of you guys have/have had the RTX 2070 and is it worth it?