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  1. Amit Ravid

    128GB RAM with X570 ?

    True, But I can't see why Asus doesn't just pick up this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07V6KDGT5/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&psc=1 Test it on the MB, and make it work. considering both they and AMD state that this combo support 128GB... Why support a memory model that has not even released yet to the public There are Gskills sticks as well
  2. Amit Ravid

    128GB RAM with X570 ?

    Thanks Tbh, If there was a release date for this memory I would just wait, but without one I can't plan my upgrade : ) Was hoping anyone tried to throw other 32GB sticks on one of these boards and could share what happen
  3. Hi guys, I made some research before posting here, but I feel like I got to a dead end. (sorry for my English). I need the Ryzen 3900x with 128GB of ram. (threadripper is (far) slower in photoscan). Saw many benchmarks and I think this CPU delivers a good balance between multi and single core performance. But I don't know what memory sticks to buy, On The Asus / gigabyte / asrock site they say 128gb is supported. AMD told me in email that the CPU supports 128 RAM and it is up to the motherboard. In ASRock "X570 Taichi" and Asus PRIME p memory support list there is only one this stick 32gbX1 officially supported: "CT32G4DFD8266.16FB1", a crucial future memory, which should be this one here (anandtech news), but i cant find it to buy yet. ^Can't find where to buy this, Asus support via Email: They don't know what is going on with their board as far as what 32 sticks officially works, they didn't check that area yet. Other vendors didn't answer me at all. Does anyone try 128 GB with any X570 boards yet? Can't get a straight answer from asus /gb / msi / asrock Thanks : )