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  1. Hi, from what i understand, you plan on running several device emulators on that platform, so you should go for the 4K TV, even if it's only 60Hz, as it is more futureproof and suitable for movies, and if you plan on running various emulators, you are looking at a GTX 1080TI, or even an RTX 2080TI, to be sure you achieve 4k in those emulators, especially in Yuzu, where i get between 50-65 FPS in Super Mario Odyssey, with an i9-9900K and RTX 2080TI. If you still plan on going with the RX 5600XT, you might run into support loss in the near future, as AMD is unreliable in my experience, explaining why i go with Intel and nVidia on anything. You should also change the motherboard in the future, with a x570 chipset, to allow you to get the most out of that CPU. Hope i helped you, have a nice day.