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  1. Understood.... Thank you so much for the info... You have been a great help.
  2. Okay I think I will do that... Also, would I see a difference between the 2133mhz and a 3200 or 3600 mhz. I mean actually see a difference in the performance.
  3. I have looked all over the BIOS.. I have no setting for XMP... I looked in the OC Tweaker and there is no setting for XMP.
  4. I currently have 2 8gb sticks on a ASRock B450m Pro4 and a Ryzen 3600. Would getting 2 8gb 3200mhz ram. Make much difference on my setup? Sorry I am a noob with frequency settings.
  5. I have good news all... I got my ASRock B450 board today... And I installed the 3600 and the 2 sticks of Ram.. And low and behold.. EVERYTHING works... Hot Dam.... Thank you everyone for all the help...
  6. My bad... It would only boot with one stick in slot 3 or 4....
  7. Okay.. I got it to boot with 1 stick of 8gb ram in B2. It will not boot with my other 8gb stick of ram in any other slot.. Can someone help with my NEW issue?
  8. Okay thank you.. I guess I will exchange the 3600.
  9. Pins look perfect.. I know this is very weird.
  10. I am on the same PC right now with the old cpu which is a 1300x... And I have the latest BIOS according to ASRocks web site.
  11. I greatly appreciate any and all help... If it wasnt for bad luck, I would have no luck at all...:-) Thank you for your time.
  12. Sorry. The BIOS flash went through. I checked this in the BIOS and with CPU-z.
  13. Yes I did try to boot it with 1 stick of ram... It didnt boot. And I am 99.9% the fan is mounted correctly...
  14. I only have 16gb of DDR4 2133mhz ram. Could this be the issue?