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  1. Lykrin

    Led Strips and Connectors

    From what I've seen those are rgb led strips. That usually would go into a proper led strip controller. That is why I am wondering if the motherboard JRGB header can be used as replacement for such controller. Both the header and leds are operating on 12v. I will take a look at the wiki article for sure! Thanks for pointing it out.
  2. Hello all, I am currently looking to buy a led strip for my case and can't really find one with proper 4pin (JRGB on motherboard) connector. I have found one with loose cables and am wondering if I can just solder some connector to the cables and pin it into the motherboard. Here is how the led strip looks like. I plan to only use 1m out of the 5m available.
  3. Lykrin

    Fan Splitters, Controllers and Hubs

    Thanks for the replies. I think I have a good idea about what to do now. As for why I want to upgrade, change the fans, is just the use of PWM and uh.. uniformity? I like things such as fans and whatnot to be same or at least very close in looks to each other. Kinda weird OCD thing but eh. As for the Noctua fan splitter, I seem to have misplaced it somewhere. Tho I guess, any PWM 2-way splitter will work.
  4. Lykrin

    Fan Splitters, Controllers and Hubs

    I wasn't aware there are so many different variants. From what I see it should be the QE ones. No leds at all. Edit: After some poking around I have decided to buy Arctic F12 PWM Rev.2 120mm and just go with a molex 4pin 4-way splitter. I have just one last question. Would it be a good idea to have two F14 fans in front and two F12 at the back? All connected to the same splitter. Or would it cause some issues?
  5. Lykrin

    Fan Splitters, Controllers and Hubs

    I am currently using 2x NF-A15 fans (CPU) and 4x Corsair AF140 (CASE). I am tempted to replace the Corsair fans for something more modern with 4pin PWM support as I need to buy two 120mm fans anyway due to case limitations. Edit: I plan to use 2-way splitter for CPU fans and 4-way molex + 4pin splitter for rest of the fans.
  6. Hello all, I am currently building new system in nzxt h200 case along with msi b450i gaming pro ac motherboard. I just now looked at the motherboard connections and realized it only has 2 fan headers, (1Sys, 1CPU) while I need, well want to connect 6 fans. (2CPU fans with DH-15, 2 Front, 1 Back, 1 Top) Here comes my question. Will I be good with just using two 3x 3pin fan splitters? Or should I invest in a fan controller? Or perhaps one of the molex to 3pin adapters?