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  1. Wow awesome thank you!!! I'm gonna look around a bit too just to make sure there's nothing extra I need/want but thats definitely a solid choice and it'll give me some extra room in my budget!
  2. I've been watching videos on it for the last hour or so since the first comment, and I am sold on the Ryzen 7 3700x! Editing is definitely my top priority here. I appreciate you guys helping out, now I just need to figure out what motherboard I should get for it. The motherboard I was looking at was roughly $235 so hopefully I can find something comparable for similar or cheaper prices. If you have any reccomendations I would appreciate it!
  3. The 9 3900x a bit too far out of my budget. I was looking at the I7 9700k because at microcenter with a motherboard I can get it for 300$ (they have it listed for 329$ and if you get a motherboard with it they take off 30$.) Both the 3900x look like it's about 400 right now But im also not too familiar with Ryzen CPUs I know theyre really doing good and are neck and neck with Intel at the moment. I'm gonna have to look into them more. Are there any downsides to Ryzen? Compatibility issues or anything with any other parts aside from the motherboard? If it out preforms the I7 9700k then I'm down to do that.
  4. Hey guys, I'm new here and this is my first post so my apologies if anything isn't formatted how its supposed to be (Also doing this via mobile). Also I enjoy tinkering with and building PCs and am trying to learn as much as I can but I'm definitely not a pro and would apprecoate guidance and help especially in terms of tips and what i should get. Anyway I'm upgrading my old PC (which was my first ever build) that I think i did sometime around 2012. I was running an I5 3570K (Stock Cooler) An 650 Ti 16GB DDR3 Ram (I don't recall the speed but its not relevant anyway so im not gonna try and find the packaging) 7TB storage A corsair 700W power supply And a ASRock Z77 Extreme 4 motherboard. I'm a video editor and photographer so as you could imagine video editing was really a pain but in all honesty it held up surprisingly well for gaming and could still run pretty well on high settings in most of the games I played but it was primarily for editing so i needed an update. I decided to get an RTX 2060 and upon installation realized that the CPU was probably bottlenecking the GPU at this point and upon "research" came to the conclusion that my motherboard from 2012 won't support a new CPU so I need a new CPU, cooler for said CPU, Motherboard, and DDR4 Ram. (Also with the release of the RTX 2060 Super at the same price I'm going to return my RTX 2060 and pick up the Super since its been less than 30 days since i got it and there's a 30 day return guarantee) As of now and based on my research i was thinking of getting an I7 9700k And an ASUS ROG Strix Z390-E Gaming LGA 1151 ATX Intel Motherboard Along with whatever decent Ram i can find (hopefully at least 16GB) Now this build upgrade is really pushing my budget to its absolute max. So I was curious what you guys thought about this upgrade. If I should change anything or if it's worth it for the parts I got? I definitely wanna be able to edit 4K and 120fps video without issue if at all possible. And thank you guys for reading through my incredibly long over detailed speil and I appreciate any help, tips, or advice you can give! Again my bad for any formatting issues or misspellings.