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  1. update: even with logitech g hub uninstalled the problem persists (reboot pending)
  2. The most recent installs are an nvidia driver update and my logitech G hub (mouse and keyboard control panel) programs. Ima see if I can reinstall an older version.
  3. yep, and im unsure when it started but Im guessing recently because I haven't noticed it before.
  4. Every time in windows when I click right click (context menu) and move the mouse ever so slightly fast, it makes the context menu disappear. It seems like it maybe similar to this issue https://superuser.com/questions/659857/windows-explorer-folder-context-menu-closes-itself but I dont use google drive backup & sync 2020-09-21_02-15-10.mkv
  5. Okay so I ran oc'd the memory up to 2933;ran three loops of memtest64;and Im pretty sure I wont be able to push it any harder unless I increase the voltage;which I still dont know how to manage
  6. I for sure will;just wish to know what my cap would be for pushing the stability;and Ill check that out in bios;was probably thinking I could push it up to 3200;but we will see;just wish to know how high I can go safely with voltage.
  7. Huh even when stress testing a single core I get only 3.89Ghz http://prntscr.com/oehu5z
  8. Ah thanks for the help! I was wondering. Also one more question;what is highest voltage that is safe for a 16gb 2666mhz stick of ram?
  9. I tried turboing my i5 9400F to 4.1Ghz as advertised but in all my strestests it only gets up to 3.89Ghz? What can I do to squeeze that bit out that is missing.
  10. Gave up and ran the PC reset option;now got to reinstall all of my programs and after runing sfc /scannow still had the error bbuuut after running DISM and couple more sfcs;I had no more system integrity errors...
  11. trying to bump this;still cant figure out this...
  12. The nvidia 431.36 drivers just came out 3 days ago;and it seems like they may have been installed last night
  13. All new parts bought them 3 weeks ago;assembeled;these issues appeared once I updated to the new nvidia drivers;I thought it may have been the incompatibility of the drivers with the windows update I havent installed. But now I cant even install the new windows update. Its A Z390-P Motherboard on a RTX 2060 Asus 6gb
  14. Huh I've just noticed but it seems that the driver is installed yet again;but the nvidia installation is uninstalled... http://prntscr.com/od69o1