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  1. No luck... Its still doing it. It seems only to happen when my PC sits idle 20 mins or so, and then when i move my mouse again, it turns back on...
  2. Anybody have a clue as to why my lights are turning off on my Strix B450-F RGB headers when it sits idle for a while, and then turning back on when I resume work? I have uninstalled and re-installed Aura sync, and no luck.. Any help would be appreciated
  3. What config are your fans in? I have 3 intake front, 1 exhaust rear, and 1 in and 1 out on top- before and after hyper 212 black respectively.. Thoughts?
  4. Does anyone have any idea on how to create macros for a Drevo durendal kb? As far as I can tell, the software for it is as useless as it gets.... All I reallly want to do is create a macro for my email address to avoid typing it constantly...