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  1. Ahh, thank you for clarifying that. I wasn't sure what it meant in the specs. Much appreciated. This link explains it better.
  2. I have added a second GPU for auxiliary monitors, but I can't figure out the speed of the PCIe slots. I would prefer to install my main GPU in the second PCIe slot for better air flow and the auxiliary GPU in the first PCIe slot. Can I get PCIe 5.0 speeds on both PCIe slots with two GPU? MB: Tuf gaming x570 plus GPU: 2080 super GPU: 970 Tuf x570 plus manual tuf x570 specs
  3. The last four years has been horrible for me in the way of phones. I went through two huawei and my current driver, honor 8 is a complete crap shoot. The phone keeps restarting at random times and sometimes gets stuck in a boot loop. Last year, the battery couldn't hold a charge for more than twenty minutes and now, that brand new battery is failing on me again. The bluetooth and GPS is failing. The problems go on and on. So, this time around, I'm hoping to buy a better purchase.
  4. Actually that was copied from some website when I was researching 2018 flagship phones. Right now, the price and performance of OP6T looks to be the best so far. Note 9 is very close. I'm not familiar with the oxygenos, but I'll look into it. How is hotspotting on this phone? That's something I use everyday. I missed that about fps when researching these phones. Thank you.
  5. I'm looking for a phone with great specs that will last for three years? It's seems like the best bang for your buck is older 2018 flagship phones. I'm thinking OnePlus 6T or Razer Phone 2 would fit that bill, but I am also considering Note 9 and maybe Pixel 3. Used or new phones should be fine and hopefully around $350 plus or minus some. What do you guys thinks? Am I missing anything? Razer Phone 2: -SD845, Ram: 8GB, Space: 64/128, Screen: 5.7” 1440x2650, IP67, 4,000mAh, microsd, wireless charging, GSM/CDMA, nano-sim Note 9: -SD845, Ram: 6/8GB, Space: 128/512GB, Screen: 6.4” 1440x2960, 4,000mAh, microsd, wireless charging, no hotspot, GSM/CDMA, Nano-SIM OnePlus 6T: -SD845, Ram: 6/8GB, Space: 125/256, Screen: 6.41” 1080x2340, 3,700mAH, No-MicroSD, GSM/CDMA, nano-sim, Pixel 3: -SD 845, Ram: 4GB, Space: 64GB/128GB, IP68, Screen: 5.5”/6.3, 2,915mAh/3,430 Pixel 3 XL, GSM/CDMA
  6. Excuse the late reply. I got locked out of my account. ha! This was the exact issue I had. Today I learned. Thank you for helping out! It turns out Windows was fixing my Bio's time. Thanks for replying to the thread!
  7. Oops, I forgot to include that I originally disable Windows' automatic time adjustment which didn't correct the problem for me. This board is brand new, but it's worth trying. I believe I may have extra cmos batteries around. I did updated the board to the latest BIOs version. Was your issue directly related to the BIOs time as well?
  8. Dumb question... My bios time keeps resetting back to two hours while other bios changes are still in place. Unplugging the PSU, turning off the PSU, turning off the computer, restarting the computer, and leaving the computer running still results in the same outcome. When I say the time resets back two hours, it looks like it's resetting back to GMT-7. It shouldn't be the cmos battery because other bios settings are not defaulting to their original settings. Right? I have set my Window's time to automatically select the time zone's time and tried turning that off. I have also updated the BIO's version as well. I don't know how to correct this. Any help will be greatly appreciated. 3900x tuf 570x plus Vengeance Pro 32gb 3600
  9. During the initial setup, like this image, but I can't even select the keyboard because it blue screens before that.
  10. On a fresh install of Windows 10 x64 build 14393 to update 1809, it keeps failing to update. I am not sure why though. I tried installing update 1903 directly from a Windows image, but Windows blue screens, BSOD during Windows initial setup like this image but fails at 25% of device drivers? I do not remember the exact wording. I have tried the following: -AMD raid drivers during fresh installation of update 1903 -AMD raid drivers + Windows updates during installation of update 1903 -Just a normal update 1903 -BattEye breaks Windows Update: I don't have BattEye installed in the first place. -AMD Raid drivers are required to install/update May 2019 (1903) update: Didn't correct the issue for me -Update Tuf x570 Plus to the latest version -Installed to SSD -Installed to NVMe -Switch GPU -Nvidia drivers failed to load and fail to reinstall: Maybe related? -Boot order issues with Windows 10 & Ryzen CPUs: Installed only to NVMe -Replace PSU -Replace RAM -Temps seem fine within 30 to 40 range -Remove all USB hubs: Removed USB C hub failed with update 1809 -Remove all USB hubs: Removed USB C hub failled with 1903 installation -Windows Update Assistant: Error 0x80070652 -Windows Update Assistant again: File: \Windows\system32\windload.efi Error code: 0xc0000225 -Device Manager: Install all missing drivers: PENDING... -Install missing Wifi driver or remove device: PENDING... Specs: AMD Ryzen 3900x 2080 Super Asus Tuf x570 Plus Wifi Corsair Vengeance 3600 32GB Corsair RMx 850w I am quite exhausted and I have lost count of the amount hours I have put into troubleshooting this. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading!
  11. It looks like it was the PSU that was bad, because the replacement hasn't had any issues since it was replaced. But right before I installed the backup PSU I couldn't get the computer to fail during post. Who know? However, thank you for replying and helping out.
  12. That's like the one part I actually have extras of. I'll tested it and let you know. Thanks for the replies.
  13. I can try the other PSU connector. Too bad this isn't an easy fix. I haven't tried reseating the CPU yet, but I did check the pins before I dropped it in. There was no resistance while installing the CPU though.
  14. My six hour old computer is having a lot of problems. At first, it wouldn’t post because of the RAM. Yellow LED DRAM indicator was on. Reseated each stick of memory and then it finally booted. But now, sometimes it’s does not post completely posting. The computer beeps as it would normally do while booting, but then the CPU fans stop while the MB’s LEDs and RAM’s LEDs stay lit with no video and the keyboard is unresponsive. I have tried the following. -Reseated PSU's cables from the GPU & MB. Booted into Windows, but on restart, failed to post completely -Reseated RAM, Next bootup worked, but failed afterwards -Reseated GPU, no change. I do not believe the GPU is the cause, because it came from a working computer. -CPU temp's are around 42 without load. MB temp's are around 25, I think I need to try the following. -Reseating the PSU’s cable to the PSU itself -MemTest? MB’s RAM reports returns without errors. Should I try another program other than MemTest? Does it still work in this day and age? I think the problem here is bad RAM or MB. PSU seems fine as it is turning on every time. Any suggestions? This is a head scratcher for me. GTX 970 3900x D15 Corsair Vengeance 32gb Tuf x570 plus Seasonic 850x
  15. My RGB mouse, RGB keyboard, and RGB gamepad are just too short to reach my computer. Should I get a USB extension for each device or should I get a USB HUB to plug these in? What about the additional draw from these colorful devices and slowness? Options: [Just a quick google search.] -USB 3 Hub -USB C Hub -USB Extension My devices: -Logitech G600 -Corsair RGB keyboard k70? -Razer RGB Orbweaver