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  1. pushing air in or pulling air out to cool vrm
  2. i am planning on getting 2 140mm fans for the top of my case would it be better if they were push or pull ? (like witch one will be better for vrm cooling
  3. ok thanks you have been a huge help
  4. How does this look after timespy 3d mark benchmark max CPU 78 max mod/vrm 84 is this in safe range?
  5. Got a blue screen at 5ghz at 1.32v and 84 max on p95 gonna go back to 4.8 on 1.29 see if I can pass timespy
  6. But thanks guys you fixed my problem I think it will be fine for gaming but might get a better CPU cooler than my nh-u12s and find some way to cool vrm
  7. Max cine r20 72c/ vrm max 82c
  8. I set it to 255 no power limited throttle passed p95 84c max CPU temp and vrm 101.1c max so do you think that's all safe 5ghz -3 avx 44cache 1.32v / so is that all safe since I only do gaming or would you rec getting a better CPU cooler nh-d15s
  9. Or should I just try 255 like you said 1st?
  10. It goes to 4096 is that safe?
  11. Witch one do I set to max short power or long term ?