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  1. Sure but what category is that under a budget build or your baller build? If you're going to post. Please use the outline suggested. I can't tell what you're referring to It lacks context.
  2. Sociopathy is learned behavior. According to congnitve psychology by Goldstein books. You can practice sociopathic behavior. As in insulting someone over the internet for not following suggested ideal over arbitrary nonsense is practicing anti social behaviour. Maybe I should read some of the book to you.
  3. I have but I asked the helpful members of the community for suggestions. But instead I get insulting behavior and sociopaths who don't seem to care about you unless you follow thier arbitrary nonsense and think it's okay to dehumanize people.
  4. So you often practice sociopathic behavior and think it's okay to insult people because you lack comprehension? I don't think it's polte at all.
  5. They should lock you bud. Seems a bit insensitive to me. Just because you're not interested in the subject.
  6. Okay what case? What cooler what fans? What pcei cables, what power supply? Because I provided enough context. It's not my fault people can't read. I stated before that I'm looking for parts options. I didn't mention what it's for for a reason. Do you understand? If I have to say its not a fantasy build or it's not relevant. How many more descriptive words do you need to explain that?
  7. It just seems to me that you're not able to read at all. I provided enough context. Maybe your just being an over litteral dick?
  8. Still not relevant. I was looking for ideas for parts . Nothing else. I provided enough contex. It's not fault you're all overly litterally. To me the end result is not relevant. Only parts options in the budget build and your dream mini itx I say again I can't be more concise.
  9. How many fucking times do I have to say it's not a fantasy build before you get it. I'm looking for suggestions on a build list. Like holy fuck.
  10. Read first then reply I'm looking for a parts list for fuck sakes. It's like asking an invalid to spell soup.
  11. If you're not able to read. Maybe the internet is not the place for you. Twice now I've given more than enough information for a suggested build list only to have a mod arbitrary censore a post because they think while not actually reading. This is a fantasy build post. That's utter horse shit.
  12. Okay so I'm looking for your ideal for your own personal reasons whatever they may be. List of parts in your opinion. For a budget build and baller build for a gaming pc. With the Intel i9 coffee lake. Please format your list as Budget: Baller. Remember it's your ideal Intel mini itx build. The only thing required is the i9. What would you suggest. PS next time don't lock a thread because you couldn't read maybe check with the op first. It's not a fantasy build. I'm looking for ideas. And it's not relevant to know at all what it's for beyond parts. But because of totalitarian enforcement of arbitrary rules we will say it's for gaming. Frankly stop dehumanizing people you've taken out of context. I'm a person talk to me. We're not just computer screens. I should not have to chide you.
  13. Because it's not relevant. But for the sake of my sanity. Let's say gaming.