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  1. BobThePCMaker

    Updated builds List Yes or no?

    No I agree your suggested build is better, to buy the parts here are just more expensive. As you saw from the build list. It sucks really
  2. BobThePCMaker

    Updated builds List Yes or no?

    Yeah so that's quite a bit more. I have the budget to stretch but I don't know if I need to, (mine costs £405)
  3. BobThePCMaker

    Updated builds List Yes or no?

    That build makes no sense for me, I can get my build for around £400 UK, its way cheaper to buy. But the (understandably better) build suggested, seems to be cheaper in the US. unfortunately, online those parts suggested added up to towards £500 but I'll keep looking ×essentially I can't find the parts for that build very cheap in the UK, I'll keep looking
  4. BobThePCMaker

    Updated builds List Yes or no?

    $3 not including the WiFi adaptor etc yeah. Fair enough. I really don't think I'll need a GPU, trust me I don't play crazy high FPS games. But it's not much more... Sooo yeah. It's annoying because I did a build similar to the one suggested on here and ppl spammed me to go for the Ryzen 5 2400g I'll look into that build
  5. BobThePCMaker

    Updated builds List Yes or no?

    Well I'm not complaining, as I said... I'm new to this but ok thank
  6. BobThePCMaker

    Updated builds List Yes or no?

    With Lower GHz CPU a separate GPU adding to the price for a budget build, I didn't think to was worth it, considering the games I play. But again, new to this
  7. BobThePCMaker

    Updated builds List Yes or no?

    "Much worse". The build I put isn't terrible, it actually runs the games I want to play to around 100 FPS so why would I pay more? But the ram yeah, I agree. Any recommendations?
  8. BobThePCMaker

    Updated builds List Yes or no?

    Ah ok. I don't play very high intensive games tbh. mainly CSGO and free FPS steam games. Do you think my build would be ok for that?
  9. BobThePCMaker

    Updated builds List Yes or no?

    That's perfect, thanks. It's just some others didn't say it would work, they just gave suggestions so I didn't know, yeah looks good. How's it better? (I'm new to this)
  10. Hi, I've posted on here before, but I've updated my build list since. I'm not interested in upgrading the parts, I would just like some help to be 100% sure the parts are all compatible and the system will boot, before I buy it. Thanks! (again I'm not interested in changing these parts, I just want to know whether these select parts will all work together just fine ) https://pcpartpicker.com/user/BobThePCBuilder25/saved/#view=GM8PnQ
  11. BobThePCMaker

    Ram compatibility??

    Hi, I've seen mixed reviews, can someone please confirm whether this RAM: Patriot Memory Viper Elite 8 GB (2 x 4GB) DDR4 8 GB DDR4 2400 MHz Memory Module https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0196AWLGK/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_2AZkDbEBRYMQ5 Is compatible with this build? https://pcpartpicker.com/user/BobThePCBuilder25/saved/#view=GM8PnQ Thanks!
  12. BobThePCMaker

    Single rank ram?

    Hi, could someone please explain to me, what is meant by this ram being 'single rank'? I assume it doesn't mean you only use one of the sticks?? Ballistix Sport LT BLS2K4G4D240FSB 8 GB Kit (4 GB x 2) (DDR4, 2400 MT/s, PC4-19200, CL16, Single Rank x8, DIMM, 288-Pin) Memory - Grey https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00UFBZOLO/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_SvXkDb1QZANKC (New to this )
  13. BobThePCMaker

    First build check

    Ah, alright. Thanks, but I think I'm fine with the build I have now, as long as it runs OK. I definitely don't play crazy games . Do you think my orgional parts list will work(as in all be compatible etc)?
  14. BobThePCMaker

    First build check

    Hi, updated my build list, could someone look through it for me, and check it's definitely compatible. Thanks! https://pcpartpicker.com/user/BobThePCBuilder25/saved/#view=GM8PnQ
  15. BobThePCMaker

    UPDATED :: First PC Build Help

    To get more than 2 opinions... Sorry, just want to make sure I don't waste my money. Also I was worried that the automated website wouldn't pick up on certain things?? Again, I'm new to this