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  1. Brother i completely feel you man.. These days its all about numbers instead of gaming its all about getting that 5Ghz or 2Ghz gpu winning lottery etc all that bullshit getting that extra 10fps 5 fps people startup a game just to watch msi afterburner on the monitor..... people all care about high fps shit etc.. i also have a r7 2700x and a gtx 1080Ti i just want to play ultra and 2k. i just leave everything normal i even undervolted my processor to 4.1ghz at 1.26V and left my gpu at stock..... these days people only care about how much power it system has and then complains about components dying to quickly.... just leave everything at stock or undervolt for better performance per watt and just leave everything stock and if you cant brake yourself just go console gaming because this hype getting most juice out of your system is getting too worse and expensive... simple gaming has turned into thousand dollar race.....