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  1. If anything I'll hire someone else to do it. If nobody is available to me I'll build my own custom kb with jade switches that are hot swappable.
  2. RIP i really wanted box jades lol, but I don't know how to de-solder/sodder
  3. So I'm not really educated within the depths of Mechanical Keyboards so I wanted to ask a quick question, my current keyboard is a viper v730 kailh brown switches and I wanted to know if the switches themselves are removable, when i wiggle the switches without the keycaps they move slightly as if they aren't soddered on so yeah... I know I could easily find out by opening it up and looking at the back of the pcb but it has stickers to prevent my warranty from being forfietted... The website or anyone else's websites cannot tell me whether or not if the kailh brown switches on the Patriot Viper v730 are removeable... Does anyone here know if they are? I want to switch them out for Box Jade switches if possible.
  4. i don't think you understand what i'm asking, im asking will 450 watts be enough to power a 2060 or 5700, I'm not saying is it a bad powersupply...
  5. does it matter? I thought all that mattered was the watts? It's a CX
  6. Does anyone have a 5700 and willing to give me information? I currently have a 450w PSU from Corsair and I was wondering if I can run a AMD 5700 GPU w/o problems? The website says a 600 watt minimum but I feel like the req's are always exaggerated... Same thing for rtx 2060/2060 super, will a 450w be fine for it? Current specs 2400g APU 16gb ram b450m ds3h gigabyte mobo 450 watt psu corsair
  7. Take a look @ the picture I posted, It's not my motherboard I just googled it... Those boxes that drop down are what I'm talking about, I went to the portion where it's CPU overclock and Ram overclock, those are grayed out... Even the manual overclocks where you have to type in manually are not usable... I tried lowering the speed of my fan but the weird noise I'm talking about just gets quieter.
  8. b450m ds3h , running a Ryzen 2400g... Tried overclocking through the bios itself and i cannot even try because it's grayed out I don't really need SUPER quiet, I just don't want the current ones I have. They make a weird sound that I cannot describe, it's not typical fan noise but something else...
  9. Overall... Sound and performance... I can't overclock for some reason, my MOBO doesn't support it so i'll just be on stock speeds.
  10. So currently I'm rocking the Stock Cooler from AMD's 2400g APU and it's honestly good for my current needs, but my goal is to upgrade every stock part to something slightly better... So my question is which Cooler is best? This one : https://www.amazon.com/NOCTUA-NH-L9i-chromax-Black-Low-Profile-Cooler/dp/B07Y3M88QF/ or This one : https://www.amazon.com/Cooler-Master-RR-212S-20PK-R1-Contact-Silencio/dp/B07H25DYM3/
  11. Current specs: Ryzen 5 2400g APU w/ 2gbs of vRam dedicated 16gb ddr4 2400mz ram 450watt PSU My question is will my computer bottleneck if I add a RX 5700 or 5700XT? I don't want suggestions for GPUs or CPUs, I want that specific question answered... I've been looking for answers for about a month now and nobody can seem to give me a straight answer. I've tried googling youtube videos and all seems well but I'm still skeptical.
  12. So I created a thread yesterday and I really didn't get a solid answer, just suggestions. My question was will adding a 2060 to my current system bottle neck it for gaming and other general usages? If it will, what is the best graphics card that money can buy that won't bottleneck my system? Current specs : CPU - 2400g Ryzen RAM - 16gb
  13. sick thanks, i might pick up that 150$ monitor
  14. Thanks man, I'll keep this in mind. Makes a lot of sense to be honest, thanks for the information.
  15. I've been using my computer for a few months now, it's decent. Can play pretty much any game at low-medium settings comfortably... I just want a little more power. USA, AOC 1080p monitor and yes only I-GPU