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  1. Thanks for the replies, i want the 1x8 because i can get 2 for the price of a 2x4 so i think its super worth getting the 2x8 instead of 2x4
  2. So their base speed is 2400mhz, they would run at that speed and there wouldnt be a problem? Or should i just buy another 2x4?
  3. I have an asus b350m mobo, currently have a 2x4 ram, i want to buy 2x8 because i have 2 free slots for ram, will it run bad? my english is kinda bad so sorry if i couldnt make myself clear,
  4. Hello im thinking about buying more ram, currently i have 8gb (2x4), theres an offer of 1x8 and its really cheap so i can affor buying a pair of 1x8, its the same brand (corsair vengeance) my question is, does it have any effect being 1x8 or its the same?
  5. Hello, sorry for late reply, so you are saying that the cloud 2 and hs60 are better options than the steelseries ones? I have a pair of cloud 2 but suddenly the right ear stopped working and has no sound, thats why i need a new pair, ill look into the hs60 or the arctis 3 reviews
  6. Alright, im gonna look for the sennheiser 302 and the cooler master when prime day comes, thanks cor the help
  7. Sorry for late reply, does it have good sound quality like the sennheiser ones or at least better than the arctis?
  8. Ill have it in mind when prime day comes, thanks. Also is there any other recommendation that you han give me for 50-80$ max?
  9. Not 4$ right now in my country the arctis are 60$ and the senn are somewhere around 85$ is the sound difference worth those 25$ extra?
  10. Is it worth the price difference?
  11. Hello, i need help choosing one of those headsets for everyday use, i want to know which one has better audio quality since i dont know anything about specs for good audio. I have a Hyperx cloud 2 but one of the speakers stopped working and i want to replace it, im seeing that the Sennheiser use 3.5 jacks instead of the usb thing like the arctis, i have an Asus b350m-a mobo so i dont really know if it can deliver good audio quality for the 3.5 rather than the usb thing, also right now the arctis 5 are 60$ and the sennheiser are something around 80$ but amazon prime day is coming and maybe it will drop. Thanks in advance