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  1. Hi guys i try to delid my cpu intel core i5-4590 so i carefully remove the IHS and clean all thermal paste after this i set new on cpu and set again ihs and when i put it back to my computer my pc is not running only fans spin no signal only black screen no beeps nothing so my question is can i fix it what i can do and what can i try ?
  2. Hi guys i bought RaidMax 735-AP 80 Bronze so when i read in more forums all people hate this psu so my question is is it have someone who have raidmax and use it to tell is it have problems and will i fire my apartment
  3. Hi guys i have one idea and i want to ask you it will work and it will good for pc and no have damages so i found a mini air conditioner that i can put in the case what is your opinions about this ? Picture
  4. i test the gpu in other pc and again i get the black screen
  5. Hp 800 g1 Cpu : I5-4590 Ram : 12GB DDR3 I have dual psu so for system i use hp 350w with certificate and for gpu only use 500w segotep no certificate.
  6. HI guys i bought rx580 8gb nitro+ and i have very intresting problem i set the card and install drivers so i download furmark to test and when i run furmark and hit 63-64C screen go black all fans are run normal but screen is black and when i turn off pc and turn it on screen is again black and no signal so i need to unplug it and plug it to start again and have a video signal i dont know why please help i cant undurstand this problem why i need to unplug pc to see again video signal.
  7. Hi guys i have hp 800 g1 and i want to change my case because this case is small for me because i put r9 280x and yea So the big problem is that the cpu cooler is non-standart and i just cant find the same cooler i search in shops and pc repair shops and i not have luck not have the same cooler with same sizes. So i just need your help and ideas guys please help me. The cpu cooler is with non-standart sizes (also the motherboard holes for the cpu cooler is non-standart). (HP 800 G1 TOWER) (Socket 1150)
  8. Hi guys i want to ask you is this temp is normal my cpu is i5-4590 when i start heavy load test for 23min my cpu get 63C is it normal please help me. I use stock cpu cooler and mx-4 thermal paste.