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  1. I don't have an AMD motherboard, and I'm not planning to get one. And a CPU
  2. I'm planning to upgrade to a i5-3570 asap.
  3. i have a Celeron G530. im planning to upgrade that also to a i5-3570
  4. its not ebay. its a serbian website kinda like ebay and craigslist
  5. UPDATE: I decided to not get that GPU, and instead went for a GTX 750 Ti. When I got the card, I noticed it has a 6-pin PCI-E port, which my PSU doesn't have, alto I can get a molex to pci-express power adapter for cheap in a store. Also, I went on a PSU calculator website to check how much wattage the system will be using, and it said that it will be using 255 watts of power. So since I have a 420w PSU (heheweedlol) I think I won't be having problems with the performance throttling, alto I'm a little concerned about the performance with the CPU, which I'm planning to upgrade asap to a i5-3570 non K. Hello, Recently, my Radeon HD 7750 that i was using for a long time has called a quits on me, and stopped working normally. The picture is all reddish with black bars and the picture was very zoomed in. I have no idea why that happened but i think its because of the age, because its 8 years old. I was looking on a website sort of like ebay and craigslist for something good and i found a Zotac nVidia GTX 560 being sold for 35e. I went on youtube to check how it performs with games i want to play, and i am satisfied with the results. Here is the page in anyone is intrested. However, there is one problem. I checked the specifications page about the card on Zotac's website and saw that it wants 150 watts and a 450 watt power supply, however, i have a 420 watt power supply and im worried that, 1) The GPU will just die because it's not getting enough power. 2) The PSU will give up because it's using too much watts. I don't know if i should get a different GPU that requires less watts or to get a better PSU, which i'm not planning to do, so i decided to ask the ltt forums for some answers. I'm hoping for a fairly quick reply from someone who knows this stuff better than i do.
  6. I would use it as my daily driver really, aka play games, use discord, watch YouTube and other misc things
  7. app and website of kupujemprodajem.com https://imgur.com/a/0sTDCUY they are both the same layout. Also what do you mean by second hand stuff? Do. you mean like used stuff because if you do, yes, however there are refurbished items on the site just to let you know.
  8. Hi, I am looking for a used laptop for around 70-100€ that has a CPU clock speed of at least 2GHz, 4GB ram, decent GPU and at least 250GB of storage. I was looking up on a website to buy or sell stuff in Serbia, kupujemprodajem.com and still don't know what to use. I would like to get some suggestions because I want to replace my old Compaq Presario v3700 laptop and I have a budget of ~97€. Thanks a bunch Retro