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  1. I'm working on my own split-screen gaming method by running a game multiple times and creating a LAN session, for personal use. It works, but some games will use the first controller it detects as compatible (so usually XInput) as an input device and ignore the rest. This is a problem because all instances of the game will now be running off one controller's input. So, for example, if I have two instances running, in theory, I could force instance 1 to ignore all controllers but controller 1, and force instance 2 to ignore all controllers but controller 2. This way my method will be complete. I've tried xinput.dll exploits but this becomes a problem after the second instance because the file cannot be modified as it is in use. I'm sure there's a way to force ignorance of hardware devices, but if there's another way for me to solve my problem, please let me know. My method to actually get the split-screen to work is okay, so that's no problem.
  2. Cameron--Naidoo

    5.1 surround subwoofer issue

    SOLVED (should be) Thanks for the help both of you. Bass redirection was not available with any of the software that comes with the drivers from the SB website. I looked for hours and found that there's a support pack by Daniel_K available with this entertainment console that has all the functionality of the standard Creative control panel + the necessary bass management - just had to now enable bass redirection
  3. Cameron--Naidoo

    5.1 surround subwoofer issue

    2 things - not even Rocket League will work, and there seems to be no option for bass redirection on this product. Only X-Fi Crystallizer, EAX Effects, Flexijack (used to switch between line-in and mic), X-Fi CMSS-3D, and speaker configuration (5.1, no 5.0) are available
  4. Cameron--Naidoo

    5.1 surround subwoofer issue

    This seems really helpful, I'll have to check it out. So it would seem that to my luck I just hadn't tried a game with .1 or sub support I suppose. Is there a way for me to force the sub to do some work? When I play the same games (also why I brought up the YouTube example - was referring to subwoofer not surround) using my GTX 1050ti's audio in stereo to my amp (graphics card --> TV --> RCA to amp) the sub works. I just want it to work at all when it comes to applications that don't support the sub per se
  5. Cameron--Naidoo

    5.1 surround subwoofer issue

    I have a Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi PCI card and Sony STR-DE685 amp. I'm using 3.5mm to RCA cables to get left/right, rear left/rear right, and centre/sub. They are plugged from the sound card's 3.5mm jacks (in the correct slots) to the amp's RCA multi-channel in. It is working correctly, the games have proper 5.1 surround, I haven't run into any compatibility issues, BUT my subwoofer refuses to work. In the playback devices interface, when testing my card, it plays sound through all speakers perfectly, including the sub. I cannot understand why the sub will work during testing and not in any game, and I've tested with old games like GTA SA to new games like Vampyr, even with YouTube on Firefox. I tried to uncheck the option that determines which speakers are full range, so that none but the sub would cover the bass range. No luck. Observation from my side, when I swapped the centre and sub in channels on the amp, the centre speaker is able to play the test sound that is meant for, albeit without the bass. It may be a simple issue of the applications not opting to route the audio to the .1 sub channel. This doesn't quite make sense to me because the rest of the surround works perfectly.... Another observation is that if I, for example, plug the left out (card) into the sub in (amp), there is bass, again alluding to my suspicions above. I have no idea where to go from here to get this working properly, it's infuriating. Perhaps I need some kind of auxiliary software? I don't know. Please help
  6. Cameron--Naidoo

    Remember Indigo Prophecy?

    Try many of the games by Telltale, The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us being the most popular. Personally I love the universe of TWD