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  1. I don't know what this is or whats happening every time it pops up but all i know is that i changed some steam friends settings then after that, i kept hearing it. I don't think its because of that change in the steam friends settings though. Its really annoying and i wanna know why it started to happen. Depending on the volume you are at. You may need to up the volume a bit. 2A15F0CE-11DD-43A3-916A-283B64EFC14F.MOV
  2. So I have a carpet floor and i want to have a dust filter on my case so it would reduce the amount of dust it would get in. Do you guys know any good cases (mid tower or full tower) that has dust filters in the front, the top (if it has any ventilation up top), and on the PSU spot? Also i have a budget of 150 for the case. Thanks for the input!