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  1. Hi Im not sure if this is the right topic im posting on but ill give it a shot. So a friend of mine has been receiving emails that his FB account password has been changed a couple times now. In the email is the ip address and he name of area the user changed the password. Is there any way we can get a name fromt this? or a device name/type? Thanks in advance
  2. Okay ill try to plug it in when i get home
  3. Hi i am switching case and have no clue where to put this connector is seems like my mainboard doesnt have this input. Does someone knows what this is?
  4. ok ill give it a shot
  5. Product: HP ProDesk 400 G3 MT Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit) Hi, My desktop has 4GB of ram and i was trying to upgrade it to 8GB. Now what i did was i ordered 2x4GB of DDR4 ram 2400Mhz, I took the old memory stick out ans put the 2 new ones in. Now if i start up the system i get 3 long and 2 short beeps. The memory sticks are not the issue if i only place 1 of the 2 (tried both) in the slot where the Original stick was in the system boots fine with 4GB of ram but when i stick 1 of the 2 in the slot wich was empty the whole time i get the beep error code. So basically the system wont start whenever i stick one of the 2 sticks in the slot wich was empty. I did some research and found that the beep code means "The embedded controller has timed out waiting for BIOS to return from memory initialization" but i have no clue how to solve this. Any help would be gratfully appreciated.
  6. Ok ill give it a shot and yes that is the computer
  7. Ill take a look if i can find it UPDATE: if i put one in the left system slot it also doesnt go on and it gives the same errors MODEL NUMBER: e203413ms-7957
  8. Hi my friend asked my to clean his pc and upgrade his 4GB of ram to 8GB so today the 2 new sticks arrived both 4GB 2400Mhz (he only has 2 slots). Now the issue is that when i put one in the right slot the system goes on and runs perfectly. But when i put both of them in i get a error code sound thing. The system doesnt start the only thing i get is 3 long beeps followed by 2 short high pitched beeps. Does anybody knows what this means i am at a lost here. Mvg Arne Van den Eynden
  9. Only problem is it goes straight into that the HP screen were i have to press F10 to enter bios isnt showing up anymore. Is there another way to enter bios? I have windows 7 pro
  10. Hi i cloned my HDD boot drive to my new SDD drive wich went perfectly. What i did next was changing the UEFi and Legacy boot order so the sata 2 port would boot first (my SSD). Now when i start up i Always get this message: https://imgur.com/a/zMpuZa1 After 2 minutes it very quickly sais: No boot filename received Exiting PXe And then it just launches windows and everything works perfect. How do i get rid of this message at the beginning? Thanks in advance
  11. Ok ill check if i ave some alcohol
  12. Hi What are good ways to clean the thermal compound of a CPU? Thanks in advance
  13. arnekick

    HDD to SSD

    Ok i am trying with samsung migration right now
  14. Hi, I am currently trying to upgrade my boot drive i have an HDD with windows 7 pro and i am trying to put the whole operation system on an ssd and boot this one so my system is a little faster. Are there any good tools to do this? Thanks in advance
  15. Yes i was thinking that to but idk if its the drive that causes it or something else
  16. Hi i have an old pc wich takes forever to start up or open anything. It has Always been in a very moist room. If i take a look in taskmanager the cpu usage is between 0-20% and the ram usage is around 40%. I am thinking the hdd has become very slow or something but is there any way to check this? These are the specs of the pc https://tweakers.net/pricewatch/471250/hp-prodesk-400-g3-mt-p5k00ea-(nl)/specificaties/.
  17. One more thing if i am not doing vr very often isnt the oculus s one a better choice
  18. Ok thank you for the info
  19. Is the difference between the 2 worth the price tag? with independant finger tracking etc or isnt the difference all that high? + I looked on there site and it seems cheaper to buy the 3 seperate instead of in a kit 997 compared to 1079
  20. Hi wich is the best vr headset to get right now i am currently looking at the Oculus Quest. I have an 3900x/2080 super/16GB 3600mhz 16-18-18-36. Obviously i am looking to play on a pc. I would like to hear if there are ones that deliver a better performance.
  21. Hi i am choosing between 16GB 3600mhz memory one has 16-18-18-36 the other has 16-16-16-36 timings. Now i really like the rgb from the 16-18-18-36 one now my question is will this be a huge difference? because i woud like me rig to look awsome aswell i do care about that.
  22. Wut? imputting it together myself im not getting it from alienware