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  1. or wait, get more money and a better headset.
  2. Should I get the Rift for 150 EUR its the cheapest I've found and I don't have more money on hand rn.
  3. Should i get a brand new oneplus nord or a used samsung galaxy s10e????
  4. I really just don't care about stuff its nice if its there but it doesn't have to
  5. Overall best: good performance, great camera, good battery life and so on. I don't really care if its a iphone or a android phone
  6. yeah sure suggest anything u think is the best phone for around 450 dollars
  7. I'm just looking for the best phone for 450 dollars, I don't care about anything else.
  8. I've got 450 dollars and I could get a Iphone X or a Iphone XR or a Samsung Galaxy S10e. Which one should I choose.
  9. and it will ship in the start of september then I guess, right?