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  1. Thank you! That is very helpful!
  2. Thank you. I am more like in a stage of gathering and learning all of the information.
  3. Thank you so much for the information! Yeah, I remembered this video. lol BTW, do you know which gaming laptop manufacture/designer is using the similar monitor as the one Apple is using now?
  4. lol thanks! this "Because Apple and gaming do not really go together " will probably be self-explanatory.
  5. Sorry for the confusion. I may not use the term correctly. Retina means the monitor Apple is using on their products. I felt it is brighter, neater, and clearer than the ordinary gaming PCs. Do you feel in the same way?
  6. Thank you! I would probable pick price+FR lol.
  7. Hi there, this is Meng. I am new to the forum, though I have been watching the videos for years. Just out of curiosity, is 4k + retina + 144 or more + 3mm good for Gaming laptops? It sounds expensive, but is it good? If not, what would be the best option, or the next best option? Thanks all