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    Better cooling for laptops

    I do appreciate the idea, but it's basically what I'm trying to avoid hmm yeh cutting holes isn't an option ofc. But judging by the grates at the Bottom holes aren't an issue (as far as I understand) oh well too bad I guess.
  2. djmulder

    Gaming Laptop with touchscreen

    I'm loving the: dell inspiron 17 7786 Sure not the perfect gaming laptop, but does pack quite a punch.
  3. Hey there, Recently from my work I got a dell inspiron 17 7786, but when it really get's some load, it heats up and the area sounds like I'm near an aircraft. So yeh I was wondering is there really no way to reduce the heat in it? .. I tried using the google, but most results basically boil down to some external device, either attached to the back or as a stand. Which.. ofc works but I was wondering why there is no internal solution? I've opened it up and there's loads of space: Inside image and it's got a msata connection, so I can even make more space by removing the sata disk. (It even came with a 512 msata disk, I added a normal ssd for private use) Is there some solution you guys could think off?