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  1. karlsarj95

    Issues installing windows in new build

    So I have tried your solution and it turns out your hunch was correct! 1 stick if my 8gb kit was dead, and after removing it windows installed perfectly. So until my additional Ram arrives I'll be running on just 4gb for now thanks so much for your comment, I have been pulling my hair out for days try g to figure it out over complicating the issue.
  2. karlsarj95

    Issues installing windows in new build

    i did have WHQL disable to allow for UEFI and legacy mode. I will also try enabling it to boot via just uefi and see if this helps. Thanks for you comment.
  3. karlsarj95

    Issues installing windows in new build

    I will try this later on and report back if it fixed the problem. i had checked the bios and both sticks of ram where read fine and quoted at the right speed. hopefully it is just a small hardware problem that can be easily replaced.
  4. karlsarj95

    Issues installing windows in new build

    I have just realised I did not include specs. Mobo: msi b450m mortar Cpu: AMD ryzen 5 2600 Ram: 8gb (2x4gb) corsair vengeance @2666mhz Gpu: gtx 1060 6gb (asus) PSU: 500w evga br Hdd: WD blue 1tb (7200rpm, 64mb cache) SSD: Kingston a400 240gb
  5. karlsarj95

    Issues installing windows in new build

    Hello, So I have recently built a gaming pc, this is my 3rd build so far and have been having problems getting windows to install through usb. I have tried all of the obvious methods for overcoming this bit to no avail including using different usb drives, changing boot order in bios, checking all hardware such as ram etc. I have checked all connections several times and found no issues, the hdd and sad are both new and have been checked for any damage/ issues as well as reformatted through command prompt. Whenever I try to install windows it always freezes/ restarts at the finding files portion of the install, giving the same x8..... error code. Could this simply be a hardware issue or maybe I have overlooked soneth8ng? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Karl.