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  1. Federico7

    Headphones audio setup

    ok i think i've decided... i wuold probably go with - Grace design sdac (if on massdrop it will become available soon...) otherwise topping d30 -JDS Labs Atom (even though im a little concerned about built quality, not the sound of course, hearing so many review online...) - Sennheiser HD58x Do you think it's ok?
  2. Federico7

    The definitive Smart-sportwatch????

    Ok i know... the apple watch is an amazing device... but immagine that for some reason at a certain point you decide to switch to something like a google pixel.... than it become almonst useless but my biggest complain is about battery-life... i mean it's pretty annoying to charge a smartphone every single day... sometimes even more than one time.... but worrying also about the watch... i don't know.... i think that unless apple come up with something like an apple sport watch without much of the smart parts in order to gain in batterylife i will choose a slighted improved version of the fitbit versa...
  3. Hi everyone... Is there a smartwatch with -good look, nothing too bulky... (like Huawei watch GT) -long battery-life (like Huawei watch GT) -that is more oriented towards sports activities -can interact and share datas with everything...Apple Health, S Helath... Strava (The closest maybe are fitbit and Garmin even though they are just multi-platform app...) -basicly detect your activity without the need of setting manually everything (like Apple watch or Fitbit) -give training advice, i don't know VO2, resting time... (like Garmin) ????? I was looking for quite some time at sportwatch in general like Garmin and at a certain point i ended up looking at the Huawei watch GT and i thought it was awesome... i'm the king of guy which doesn't care about messages on my watch and a lot of other features that 90% of the time results just in a battery drain... I just want a watch that keep track of my activities and last quite a lot more than one day...and maybe has a good look. So you wuold think that with the Huawei watch GT i'm fine... WRONG! because for example i use a garmin edge 520 with my bike for keeping tracks with strava (not supported by Huawei GT). And also what i don't like of smartbands in general is that if you use one of them than you can't migrate datas of your previus hystory to another tracking app... so if you've been using a smartband for some time you are basicly stuck with that or obliged to discard all of your previous hystory. Do you think there's/there will be anything like this on the market?
  4. Federico7

    Headphones audio setup

    Thanks for your suggestion Well.... for music i tend to listen mostly to pop and rock music for what i prioritize i would say i like voices but also like immersive felling....take for example "A Sky full of stars of Coldplay" i like the sound of the voice but i also want some punchy bass i think... Honestly i don't even know what to search for...so i just name some artist hoping that you understand better than myself what i'm looking for Coldplay, Ed Sheeran OST of various films (the last was "Shallow" which i love how clear is the guitar in the initial part...but also "Top Gun" , "The greatest showman"...), and then some old glory Queen, red hot chili peppers... (I know i'm terrible at explaining )
  5. Federico7

    Headphones audio setup

    Hi, recently i've been thinking about improving my pc audio... so here's the point "i litterally and i mean LITTERALLY don't know anything about all that audio stuff" so... by browsing the web for some time i was thinking about grab something like a pair of sennheiser HD 650, which seems quite premium headphones at a "cheap" price... and then i should need a DAC and an AMP to drive them properly?.... so by asking to a couple of friends they suggested to buy something like Burson play or the Shiit Jotunheim which even though i aestetically like a lot... costs also a lot... So... i use headphones pretty much all the time when i'm at PC and i listen to musicm which cames from itunes, spotify and maybe sometimes (but really few times) some .flac file, i meant also to use headphones for watching movies (Netflix or other streaming services) and play games (Overwatch mostly and some times some casual play at Assassins creed or driving games...). So i'm wondering for my needs, do i really need that kind of equipment? Is it that much of a difference? For now i'm thinking about chosing the Sennheiser HD650 (or 6xx ) with the Burson Play because i don't want to spend more than 500€ (unless you tell me that by just 200 more i can buy something that will change my life forever, and allow me to shoot laser beams from my eyes.... XD) i also i'm not an expert audiophile and because of that i'm not even sure if i will notice a slight difference between some good configuration.... That said... feel free to suggest some configuration that might suit my needs (Music, movies, and games) maybe akg or beyerdynamic instead of Sennheiser? .... or for DAC\Amp preamp.... whatever The only thing that i'm sure about is that i want a pair of over-ear open back headphone ( because i hate when ears become hot... and i don't have problem with sound insulation in my room) Thanks a lot to whom will reply to this post! peace!