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  1. Basically my only fix is to perform a refresh with adrenaline software installed which is where i'm currently at. That way i can utilize my GPU without the performance issue. Everything is going fine except i need adrenaline software in order to configure display settings.
  2. After the refresh i still had my Radeon R5 graphics listed in device manager which is kinda weird but basically if i installed Adrenaline software prior to the refresh, i would have my GPU listed in device manager after the refresh, However if i uninstalled Adrenaline software prior to the refresh, i'd have windows basic display driver.
  3. So I've just performed a refresh on my laptop to get rid of a performance issue I've been having. I've tested games like cs go and Black ops 2 on the laptop after the refresh and every was working fine, 60+ fps with no stuttering. My problem arose when i connected my laptop to an external monitor, the resolution and scaling were messed up so i installed amd's adrenaline software to fix it, which it did. but now my fps has taken a hit and there is stuttering every few seconds. I have adjusted all of Amd's Setting for best performance and nothing is working. My fps isn't always low it goes up and them goes down and repeats, sorta like reving a car engine repeatedly. Laptop Specs: HP 15-f387wm CPU: A8-7410 APU with Radeon R5 Graphics Ram: 12 gb, 10.9 usable & 1024 mb allocated for gpu
  4. Overheating is not likely the issue, when i replaced the hard drive i did make sure to clean the laptop a bit. But how would i go about using DDU? I've only read about it online when researching my issue and never really considered using it.
  5. *UPDATE* i've just used DDU to uninstall the AMD drivers and reinstalled the latest driver but i am still experiencing the same issues which lead me to think that this may be caused by windows or power management, not the display drivers. I've been playing CS:GO on an laptop i had lying around after i had fixed it.The laptop had a bad HDD that need replacing, but that shouldn't have much to do with its current problem i think.Once i performed a clean installation of Windows 10 Home edition Cs go ran very well at 70-100 fps and was very smooth .But after a while i had a major fps drop like 20-30 fps with constant stuttering and no matter what i do i cant seem to get the fps back up.Shortly after i ran into a problem where i had to do another clean installation of windows and that fixed the problem temporarily. I'm now back in the same place with 20-30 fps.I've had to do another fresh install of windows and everything was working fine, i downloaded some apps: chrome, steam, csgo, java, and AMD Adrenalin(19.5.2). Once everything was installed i ran up csgo and everything was great for awhile. Unfortunately days later i had the same issue where out of the blue my computers performance plummeted .My Cs go Setting Are All set to the lowest setting in 4:3 aspect ratio which sometimes gets stretched. I also play offline with bots on alpha map to maximize fps.For those who might be wondering why i even bother, i use cs go to warm up my aim so i can play other games on a separate desktop or M&K supported games on console. Also, I've posted this on a separate forum and was recommended to go into my bios and increase the amount of dedicated memory to the GPU. That didn't work as i have no access to the advance tab in my bios settings. Computer Specs:HP 15-f387wmCPU: A8-7410 APU with Radeon R5 Graphics Ram 4 GB( was 12 But i removed the second module(8GB) which comes from a different manufacture(Kingston) as i thought that was the culprit, both ram modules are compatible with one another"Also, removing the second module didn't affect performance.Things I've tried:-Going into AMD Radeon Settings and adjusting all for maximum performance-Set windows to High Performance-Set AMD graphics profile to optimize for best performance-Set windows animation setting for best performance-Reinstalling AMD video drivers