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  1. Felo

    Vega 56

    Corsair 650watt Gold+ Fully modular PSU
  2. Felo

    Vega 56

    I live near Langley, so around 30min from the border, how would I order online and pick it up?
  3. Hey there, I currently live in BC, Canada and I am trying to buy a Vega 56. After contacting a few stores, it appears that all Vega 56 card prices are inflated in Canada a because of tarifs etc. Currently, Most Vega 56 cards are sitting at 650$ CAD while in the US it’s near the 280$ USD mark. keep in mind if I order from Amazon US it will cost 50$ in shipping which isn’t really ideal. I was wondering wether I should pursue the Vega 56 or just choose a different card. (I am set on the Vega 56 as its great performance for your buck and can easily handle 1440p gaming)
  4. Alright, and with the Vega 56 and my current build ^listed above, How far can I overclock the gpu?
  5. I would really appreciate it if yall spoke english lol, what's a psu?
  6. I did a comparison and the 1660 and it was pretty close, in some cases its better, https://www.game-debate.com/gpu/index.php?gid=4093&gid2=3956&compare=Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti 6GB-vs-AMD Radeon RX Vega 56 8GB
  7. Is that card better than the 1660 (a 1 on 1 comparison) or is it worse
  8. I picked the geforce 1660 ti, I just want someone to make sure my build is a solid build
  9. Alright, so I took some of your ideas from my last thread and with the help of some other friends/ online people who are far better at this than I am, I've made this build. Note: 1) I am waiting for the new Ryzen cpus to be released in 7/7 and just have the Ryzen 5 2600 as a placeholder. 2) Budget is 1500 CAD (with tax)) This is supposed to be a gaming rig and I would prefer to stick with the geforce series. Basically, feel free to correct any of my dumb mistakes and suggest new parts. Thanks! ps. tax here in Vancouver is 12% so be sure to take that into account. https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/user/Felo11/saved/Krkjpg Also: a case near the 50 dollar range would be nice, thanks!
  10. I think thats kinda out my reach as the peripherals aren’t even included, thanks for the list though!
  11. Budget: 1500 ( Peripherals Included) I'm okay with going a little bit over the budget but since I'm targeting gaming I would rather not spend that much. Location: Canada, more specifically Vancouver Aim: Mostly Gaming. (Looking at the plan thread right now, Not sure what it means by the different types of gaming.) I'm going for 150+ FPS with High/Ultra settings on most resource intensive games. It's alright if I stoop into the medium section for very resource intensive games too. Monitors: Currently I would rather only have 1 monitor, But I want to have the ability to expand to two. The resolution I'm looking for is 1920x1080 with 144HZ. 16:9 aspect ratio. Peripherals: Monitor, Keyboard and mouse. RGB included. So Basically I've been using a total potato and I've been saving up for a while. I'm not a total computer geek so some of stuff I said above might sound like total BS. I've been told to stick with Ryzen CPU and to use ROG. (Not sure what ROG is)