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  1. Ok thanks. Does the HDMI arc port not support 5.1 out? E.g. Hdmi to 5.1 dac splitter. The only 5.1 source I really care about is Netflix through the smart TV app. So the only source I have is the TV. Sorry if I'm not making sense, it's 2am over here.
  2. Hi guys, Basically i'm trying to hook up a 5.1 surround sound (logitech Z607) to my TV (TCL 43DP628), but i'm on a budget and can't really afford an AVR (and I also wouldn't really have room for it, the surround sound system already looks enough out of place). A few questions.. Can you get 5.1 audio out from a spdif cable? I'm getting conflicting answers anywhere I look. If so, could I use a spdif to 5.1 converter (https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B077XQHWX4/?coliid=I3RSOPF1BAVNDY&colid=1XBDI3HPB62FP&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it) to link my TV to a logitech Z607 Are there any HDMI arc to 5.1 analog converters? Can't seem to find any? These probably are stupid questions, but thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks for the idea of using AA batteries! Just connected everything up and it works a treat. I measured the voltage and the AA batteries are 1.5-1.6V ea, so the total voltage is over 6v. Do you know if this would affect the longevity of the LEDs? I'm planning on purchasing some rechargeable batteries, do these generally have lower voltages?
  4. Ah okay, i'll have a look into that but I have a feeling that the time invested learning how to do that might not be worth the reward of a working wardrobe light. Thanks for your response though, much appreciated.
  5. Hi Guys, So essentially the situation is that I have installed a smart LED strip in my wardrobe as a lights (controlled by app, google home etc) and have powered it via a USB battery bank. It all works fine except when I turn it off and leave it for a minute and it wont turn back on without reinserting the usb cable into the battery bank. I assume this is because the battery bank stops discharging when it detects no power draw? I have tried it with another different power bank to the same effect. I can't really run a mains cable in as it would look too messy. I was wondering if anyone knew of any battery banks that are permanently on? Or any other solutions would be welcomed. - I can't really run a mains cable in as it would be a bit too messy. Thanks, (Apologies if this is in the wrong section)
  6. Hi Guys, I am currently looking to purchase the huawei matebook x pro 2019 version (half expecting to find out that it's not been released yet), and I am struggling to find anywhere in the UK that sells them (assuming due to growing tensions). The only place I can find is Aliexpress, but I don't feel paticularly comfortable handing over £1000 for a sketchy product page with a 40-60 day delivery time. I was wondering if anyone knows any other reputable websites that would ship to the UK? Thanks in advance,