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  1. Hello all, After years of hesitation, I finally decided to build my first gaming pc and, having watched and rewatched Linus's Holiday Buyers Guide 2018, decided to opt for the budget gaming machine. However, some difficulty has come when deciding on the motherboard. Whilst LTT recommends the Gigabyte AB-350M-DS3H, it is currently unavailable on Newegg in the UK (where I live) and the 1.1 version (I don't know how similar/different they are) is selling on Amazon for around 78gbp, (99usd). Furthermore, on Amazon, they are currently selling the Gigabyte b450m-ds3h for 61gbp (77usd). I was wondering, in this case, if I should go for the latter rather than the one recommended in the video, as it seems quite similar and seems to be newer revision. However, I'm not very a very tech person and was curious if anyone could give me advice on this matter. Thank you all