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  1. Yeah I do for sure, if I really needed too I could get rid of some games that I don't play as often.
  2. Hello, soon I will getting my paycheck and I will have around £300 left over that I can spend on my pc. I am just unsure what is best to upgrade first. My main game rn that I play is OverWatch, but I will probably be playing games like Cod and similar fps in the future. At the moment I have 8Gbs of ram(unsure of the speed), I have an Intel Pentium g4560 and a 1050ti. I would imagine the most important thing to upgrade would be my processor, but any advice on better things would be really useful or if I should just wait even longer to spend more money on even better upgrades would be a better option, thank you in advcance
  3. I found a really cheap but decent 60Hz monitor that I want to buy as a secondary monitor. My monitor I have right now is 60hz and using a hdmi cable. The new monitor is also 60hz,but only has Dvi and Vga cable support(I will add a picture from the seller just incase they are not what I think) I would just like some people to help me know if I can use a second monitor with one of use inputs and which cable I should choose. I have a 1050ti if that helps