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  1. i havent overclocked any GPUs so i wouldnt be the best to ask but at stock you should be great
  2. Id say thats a decent option for your configuration. you wont need much to look good at 75hz
  3. Recently built my first computer, not too sure if the temps are the best in my 500h. Build list: Intel i5-9400f Nvidia EVGA RTX 2070 Gskills 16gb kit (2x 8GB) Corsair 750w power supply Corsair ML fans 120mm/140mm Corsair h100 AIO cooler Samsung EVO 860 1TB SSD Samsung M.2 1TB Idle temp is around 38-40, had a few programs running while i was playing some games and temps went up to 50-51 while playing on ultra settings. I know those are pretty decent temps but id like some insight into how i could possibly position fans better and get better overall air flow. Thank you.