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  1. Oh yeah that's another thing, I've seen a video where there's a tutorial of putting your microsoft account instead of local so your product key is put on your microsoft account and it'll reactivate when I sign back in, Well, I think I am good to go. Thanks! So when you installed it did you have to reinstall windows or just reactivate and not reinstall it?
  2. Hi, so I ordered am Asrock Z390 Phantom Gaming 6 to replace my current P8H67-M pro motherboard (the old one itself is not that old, I got it in 2018 when it came with a prebuilt that I modded but it was originally made in 2012) and I was wondering if I would have to reinstall windows, I have seen multiple online answers say that you don't and some say you do, there's even some videos showing it but it kind of goes through a lot of steps and requires some software. Was also wondering does anyone have any experience with getting a new motherboard, and if so, did you have to reinstall windows? If not, I think I would definetely have to download new drivers off the manufacturer's website. And If I do have to reinstall it, should I backup my data to an external drive to be careful incase something went wrong? I have also not put the motherboard in yet. i appreciate it. tell me if you need specs also, I am running Windows 10 64 bit version 1709.
  3. MegaMaximus

    Case RGB question.

    Yeah I think that's it, I got my new 8700k, z390 phantom gaming 6 and some ram in the mail, I was looking to replace this DDr3 motherboard and CPU, thanks for the response
  4. MegaMaximus

    Case RGB question.

    So yeah that's probably it, I probably need a motherboard that supports it and my P8H67-M pro is from like 2012 ( i bought it in 2018 with a new computer) but it's a pretty old motherboard still. Thanks guys, I will try and figure this out. Do cases that have RGB designs on them have specific wires/cables that connect to the motherboard?
  5. MegaMaximus

    Case RGB question.

    I was just wondering how to turn on LED's/RGB on my PC case that I bought. I just wanted to see if I should use an RGB controller that some companies make or motherboard. I will be providing pictures, do I connect this controller that my case came with to the power supply? I've seen threads online to do that instead of connecting it to the motherboard. I don't see any specific ports the power supply can connect to it. Tell me if you can. Also, some of the images have file names on it that show some of the problem. Thanks. The image of the front of my PC shows that the fans on the front aren't spinning or don't show any LED's. The fan in the back aswell, it spins but doesn't light up. specs are i7 2600 3.40 GHZ GTX1060 3GB OC PNY P8H67-M PRO Motherboard (DDR3) Thermaltake PSU Gamdias Talos M1 case