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  1. iAtomPlaza

    Creating a home network

    I am planning to add more servers in the future, this was a basic setup where the servers were separated from the rest of the network
  2. iAtomPlaza

    Creating a home network

    Yes Ive connected everything to one main switch, but would it work like this in the diagram? and sorry for my lack of understanding here, im just experimenting around. I got this idea from this post:
  3. iAtomPlaza

    Creating a home network

    How could i connect my network in such a way to achieve this result?
  4. iAtomPlaza

    Creating a home network

    Would it work if i separate the servers and the personal access into separate networks and join then via a router?
  5. iAtomPlaza

    Creating a home network

    from what im understanding, i should remove switch2 and connect my servers to switch1 alongside my access points? (according to my diagram in my first post)
  6. iAtomPlaza

    Creating a home network

    I didn't realize this, could you elaborate on how to fix this? I'm also new to the field of networking
  7. iAtomPlaza

    Creating a home network

    I'm in the process of setting up a home network (I don't have any of the hardware yet) and I would like some pointers and/or recommendations I have created a diagram of what I can imagine what the finished product might look like. Switch 1 is for personal access to the network; WI-FI and Ethernet connected pc's Switch 2 is for everything else like servers
  8. iAtomPlaza

    how to get a 10gbit connection

    Do I have to purchases my ISP's 10gigabit plan in-order to get download speeds of 1gb per second? If not, how can i get a 10gbit internet connection?