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  1. Building out the water cooling loop and more. The idea is to have it pass through the fitration (sump) of the waltwater aquarium. Sooo much more to do but this is a good start.
  2. We are back at this build. The left side will have the computer mounted on a removable plate. The right side will have the aquarium filtration wit the water cooling loop intermixed. The start of the loop, I will have to re do everything but want first mock it all up. The Apex is a aquarium computer. Here is some of the PC parts that I am going to be using for this build. I needed somthing that would work well with VR and my multiple monitor setup. I have some of the 3d work cut but I am still working out the layout and so on. I should have some of it painted tomorrow to get a feel of color and what the final look will be.
  3. List of things that need to be done to make it feasible to game on for any length of time. 1. Pillow.... The chair is comfortable for sure but follows the "race" gaming chair style so it is quite hard. However it is comfortable to sit in for long periods of time but will need some sort of head support. When you recline the chair you head ends up going back farther then I like and a pillow is a must. 2. No place to mount a mic that I can see. I will have to custom CNC something to mount my snowball mic in front above the screens. 3. 1000% needs a table that does not move beside it as I have already spilled a coffee LOL.. I think this is a options when you by them but they were not on the chairs when I got them. Just in case you are wondering they are 300 or so pounds and a pain to move.
  4. So... Some how I ended up with 2 of the 1510 Emperor Gaming Chairs with 3 monitor mounts and the 2.1 sound system on them. The 1510 seems cool right out of the box but instantly after gaming on it I found some things that I will need to fix.
  5. HAHAH, Material would all be cheap as most of it is done in MDF, However the PVC and Acrylic would be a little pricey. As for time this was a 1 day build so a few hrs of actual building and a hr or two of design. My job consists of emails, meetings and building stuff so its kinda what i already do.
  6. Thanks! I made a few accessory's for my office when i did this desk. You might like them .. Star-Lord, I still have plans to do Iron Man at some point. Also when I got my HTC Vive there was no good mounting solutions and ended up making this quick. Here are all of the Astoundingly Awesome Tales done full size and all in frames for the wall. I ended up making to the same scale as a standard comic book.
  7. I wanted to share another one of my builds that I finished a little while ago. As a "gamer" or overall person who spends a abundance of time on my PC I have always found it hard to find a desk that fits all my needs (large) and still look half decent. After giving up IKEA's options for desk tops I decided to whip this together. Overall I wanted something quick and easy and this ended up finished in two days. The standard IKEA ALEX drawer set, This one was supposed to be black but they sent me a brown. I wanted to return the unit but did not want to wait the 4 days so i decided to paint this one red. When I am in a rush something will go wrong 100% of the time. Table top.
  8. At this point AMD has me sold on so may levels and will go Ryzen, The main issue right now tbh is finding cooling loop fittings that will work in saltwater or can be modified to do so. In theory I can make my own but this would be a whole build in itself. I think overall AMD/Ryzen will be my go to for the next bit of time.
  9. So this will be one of the first times I mix both of my hobby's together and figured this is the best place to share this build. A little background. I am known as Elder1945 in the Saltwater Aquarium world (google Elder1945 and you will see some of my work). I am lucky in the fact that I have multiple CNC machines from mills,laser and even water jet. To a full fledged automotive grade paint booth with mixing station. Multiple small and large format 3D printers and so on. Here are some pictures of my shop (located north of Toronto Canada) So now to the build, I wanted to combine a full Saltwater reef, Gaming computer, Xbox with a Fallout theme. I am known to push the limits of what is possible and enjoy the challenge. This build is sponsored by multiple aquarium related company's including the following. I am working now on the gaming PC that will be built into the system and should have a parts list soon. The first step I am dealing with is finding a good case to base the build off of that fits all of my requirements. I know in the back of my head I will just have to custom make one but i can still hope something will pop up. I have made quite a bit of progress on the actual aquarium and I am just now starting to work out how to incorporate the gaming PC and Xbox. I started this build with the skirt to hide some of the stand, This will also raise the overall system off the floor for better wire management. The steel stand: You will end up not seeing most of the yellow but needed it for a little accent here and there. The overall idea is the build the gaming PC on the left side above the Xbox. From this stage I can now take measurements and work out if it is even possible to run a cooling loop into the aquarium. All of the fish tank equipment : The PC hobby now is in full swing as I am finally ready to work out what type of water cooling solution is going to work. If this was a fresh water system the build would be easy to work out but as saltwater is corrosive and multiple products,metal and plastic can leech into the system this make everything a thousand times harder to work out. This system is going into my "gaming" office in my home and it will be a full reef with coral,fish and inverts aka shrimp and crabs. Just for reference this is my last reef tank that had a gaming PC built into the left hand side. However this was done more for show then practical use and I ended up taking it down for this reason. This build I want it to show well but also have piratical use i.e. easy to upgrade, easy to wire manage and overall easy to use. Stay tuned for some fun and excitement! I am also 100% open to suggestions on this build as I am willing to build and or try anything.