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  1. britfrog

    what memory speed?

    thx guys
  2. britfrog

    what memory speed?

    thanks for that but please help me out a bit more xmp profile?? and is there another setting to use an m.2 drive as well? your help is apprecaiated as it is a few years since i built my last p.c
  3. britfrog

    what memory speed?

    I am planning to use an I7 9700k with an z390 MB would i get a problem using corsair ddr4 3000mhz memory?
  4. britfrog

    what processor? 8700k or 9700k

    must admit i was watching the amd stuff but have already bought an msi z390 m/b
  5. Another question if I may , I am an avid flight simmer with laminars X Plane, i am upgrading from a 2600k which has been doing a decent job but what would be a better buy to replace it an 8700k or 9700k?
  6. britfrog

    what drive to boot from?

    Many thanks guys you have just confirmed what I was thinking
  7. britfrog

    what drive to boot from?

    Hi its been many years since i last built a p.c. so would appreciate some help please. I am building a new p.c. with a nmve m.2 drive but also want to incorporate some older drives from my last p..c would it be best to install a fresh version of win 10 on the nvme drive then attach the old drives or boot from the old drives and then install the m.2. drive?